6 Ways to Apply Romantic Couple Ever Do

Do not think a man can not be romantic. Some men following willing to do the ‘crazy’ for applying for the beloved. How that is done is very romantic which makes her lover’s hard to say ‘no’. What are they doing? The following is quoted from Pop Sugar.

1. Reading current news
A news anchor at TV station FOX, Jillian Pavlica, never thought her boyfriend, Vince will be proposed when the segment Breaking News. Obviously, this news also make the messenger was shocked and could not reject an application.

2. Through Movies in Theaters
This is one way of applying the most romantic irresistible. Matt propose to his girlfriend Ginny through movie trailers in theaters. The men rented a movie and play video contains conversations with Matt’s father to her lover on his way to the cinema to apply directly Ginny.

3. Olympic Pool
American swimmer doing a surprise when the London Olympics. Matt Grevers directly propose to his girlfriend who was also a swimmer, Annie Chandler, when he won the first rank Missouri Grand Prix. Annie who was just wanted to congratulate on the winners podium surprised as proposed to her knees directly in front of the participants, spectators and all TV stations.

4. Through Vocabulary in newspaper
A newspaper in Washington gets requests unique to help Corey Newman propose to his girlfriend, Marlowe Epstein. Corey came and asked the creator vocabulary game on Sunday Washington Post newspaper, put in a word ‘Marlow’, ‘Epstein’ and ‘WillYouMarryMe’.

5. Lipsing song Marry You
Bruno Mars song, Marry You indeed would make a great theme song when applying lover. But do not just sing, Isaac asked his girlfriend Amy to listen to songs from the headphones. Moments later, all friends, relatives, neighbors Amy to appear before him. They come to dance and sing lip-synch the song Marry You by Bruno Mars on the street front of her house.

6. Via Twitter Chairman Senate
Senator from Virginia to help a citizen who called Brett Wanamaker now propose to his girlfriend who is also secretary of the senate, Beth Adelson. The senate lend his twitter account to Brett and wrote, “please note this message for a while, I borrowed this account to say, Beth Adelson, will you marry me?” Beth was immediately answered ‘yes’.