Able to Optimize Intelligence Swim Kids

Swimming is a fun activity for the little guy. Behind it, swim it also has a myriad of other benefits for the children. Recent research in Australia shows, children are taught to swim from an early age could reach the point of intelligence and optimal physical condition ahead of kids his age who do not know how to swim.

Research carried out for about three years, involving about 7000 children aged five years. Research shows the results, that the age of the child adept at swimming closely linked with their ability to master a technique or skill ability.

For pre-school children are adept at swimming, are known to have visual-motor skills are better, such as cutting paper, drawing lines, and many others. Also have other capabilities superior, such as understanding directions, mathematics, and the ability to write.

According to Robyn Jorgensen PhD from Griffith Institute for Educational Research, as quoted from mens health, learning in the pool were similar to some of the things learned in the classroom, so there is a strong synergy between the languages ​​with the swimming action. “That’s useful in the formation of cognitive and motor skills in children, because they learn at a very young age to understand the sound and look to do with the body,” said Jorgensen.

Interestingly, when researchers noticed an activity swimming lessons, they found that these children’s eyes winked to wait for the signal began to plunge into the pool. This evidence, that children already understand the language and act in accordance with it, although they have not been able to communicate fluently.

According to the results of this study, the earlier your child learn to swim, the more the ability in him that he could optimize.

So what are you waiting?