Lamborghini Egoista, The Selfish Fastest Cars

Egoista Lamborghini name is taken from the Italian language meaning Selfish, because this super luxury car and can only be used by one person only. Lamborghini Egoista one passenger is provided with Egoista equipped with 5.2-liter V10 engine with 600 hp power.
VW design chief, Walter de Silva designed the Lamborghini Egoista very extreme in appearance. For matters of the exterior design was designed by Alessandro Dambrosio and interior affairs designed by Stefan Sielaff.
VW design chief Water De Silva pointed out that Lamborghini cockpit Egoista following Apache helicopter which can come off the bench the wheel of the car when the accident occurred.
Lamborghini CEO Stephan Winkelmann and Water VW Design Chief De Silva makes a Lamborghini Supercar Egoista as a special gift during the celebration of the 50th anniversary of Lamborghini in Santa € ™ Agata Bolognese.

Ageless key: Do not Ever Feel Old

Age is really just numbers numbers. Parents may look young and vice versa, depending on whether they give a damn about that number or not. Moreover a new study has found someone to look old if he feels or thinks he is old.

In addition, the study says people who consider themselves old and frail will be more reluctant perform activities that can help him look younger like socializing and exercising regularly.

Conversely, people who have a positive attitude and considers himself not as old as that would actually be more likely to continue to take part in activities that will help them to stay fit and be vigilant.

Krystal Warmoth researchers from the University of Exeter, UK believed that if an adult who considers himself an old and decrepit then they will be more likely to behave like the elderly.
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Suzuki Will Not Sloppy Faced Cheap Car

Basically carmaker Sakura country was keen on cheap car program initiated by the Indonesian government with LCGC program. Suzuki also announced it had been so ready in offering car LCGCnya rules when it came right down already. Is Endro Nugroho, 4W Sales Director PT Suzuki Indomobil that explains the issue publicly a few days ago.

Saying, that the Suzuki camp will not be hasty to show cheap cars that they have. With a sense in which the model and spec new car will it show on the face khalayah if true laws fuel-efficient cars actually been issued. And kubunga also feel confident if these regulations will not be unveiled in the second week, so there are many steps that must be traversed even been signed by the President.

About ability, his camp repeatedly expressed very sure if Suzuki has participated in the program. Not just for vehicles to be marketed, but also the readiness of the facilities, support to the maximization of service to meet the buyer’s satisfaction later.

Chevrolet Central Airbag Application Start

Chevrolet back car manufacturers to innovate. Manufacturers from the United States began to apply these airbags are capable of avoiding the middle of the driver and front passenger to collide with each other when the car rolled. This is the first time the airbag models applied in the world automotive industry.

The unique airbag to begin paired Chevrolet Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV), they are, in 2013 the Chevrolet Traverse and claimed to reduce the risk of injury or death during an accident.

Moreover, these airbags are also assisted with front and side airbags for optimal security. “Airbag cushion is designed for front occupants,” said a senior engineer of General Motors (GM), Scott Thomas. Air bags that served as the protector is now stationed in various places in the cabin. Starting from the front to the sides and top drivers and riders.

So, this innovative air bags are designed to help protect drivers and front passengers in the event of an accident in which the possibility of a clash between the front passenger and the driver feels quite large.

Middle-front air bag is the first time applied in the world automotive industry. There is nothing to placement, General Motors cleverly utilizing the driver’s seat to hide this airbag. So when an accident, the airbag will come out of the driver’s seat side-middle.

6 Ways to Apply Romantic Couple Ever Do

Do not think a man can not be romantic. Some men following willing to do the ‘crazy’ for applying for the beloved. How that is done is very romantic which makes her lover’s hard to say ‘no’. What are they doing? The following is quoted from Pop Sugar.

1. Reading current news
A news anchor at TV station FOX, Jillian Pavlica, never thought her boyfriend, Vince will be proposed when the segment Breaking News. Obviously, this news also make the messenger was shocked and could not reject an application.

2. Through Movies in Theaters
This is one way of applying the most romantic irresistible. Matt propose to his girlfriend Ginny through movie trailers in theaters. The men rented a movie and play video contains conversations with Matt’s father to her lover on his way to the cinema to apply directly Ginny.

3. Olympic Pool
American swimmer doing a surprise when the London Olympics. Matt Grevers directly propose to his girlfriend who was also a swimmer, Annie Chandler, when he won the first rank Missouri Grand Prix. Annie who was just wanted to congratulate on the winners podium surprised as proposed to her knees directly in front of the participants, spectators and all TV stations.

4. Through Vocabulary in newspaper
A newspaper in Washington gets requests unique to help Corey Newman propose to his girlfriend, Marlowe Epstein. Corey came and asked the creator vocabulary game on Sunday Washington Post newspaper, put in a word ‘Marlow’, ‘Epstein’ and ‘WillYouMarryMe’.

5. Lipsing song Marry You
Bruno Mars song, Marry You indeed would make a great theme song when applying lover. But do not just sing, Isaac asked his girlfriend Amy to listen to songs from the headphones. Moments later, all friends, relatives, neighbors Amy to appear before him. They come to dance and sing lip-synch the song Marry You by Bruno Mars on the street front of her house.

6. Via Twitter Chairman Senate
Senator from Virginia to help a citizen who called Brett Wanamaker now propose to his girlfriend who is also secretary of the senate, Beth Adelson. The senate lend his twitter account to Brett and wrote, “please note this message for a while, I borrowed this account to say, Beth Adelson, will you marry me?” Beth was immediately answered ‘yes’.

Carbohydrates are also very important for athletes

Especially athletes who need extra power, such as football, basketball, futsal, etc.. As an athlete must maintain and select the proper nutrition.

Proper nutrition is the main basis for superfine As with an athlete’s performance on the pitch. Indonesian athletes, especially football, they eat too much carbohydrate is in rice, so no wonder the national team players are feeling tired in the second round. Though still a long time.

Mayor of Bandung, West Java has imposed a one-day program without rice. However, the program is not effective for the community. Though the program is good for our health.

Many Indonesian people who say that if you do not eat rice, it is not eaten. This is because they are in small time already fed with rice, until now, so the brain was hypnotized by his will stomach.

Should of been given a little low sugar foods, but high carbohydrate, eating can be a child has an ideal body speed. If the child is an athlete who requires speed, then the child has a speed that is above average.

In these days many ordinary people who want almost instantaneous, especially food. In fact our own content not yet know the content of these foods. Examples such as instant noodles, milk boxes, light snacks, and so forth.

Many experts observe that many light snack foods containing MSG where it could be damaging our health. There are also meatballs containing formaldehyde, grass jelly also contains formaldehyde, or chicken that has become a carcass.

Therefore, we as consumers have to be careful to choose food. Choose foods that are nutritious, nourishing nutrition according to the figures. Apply 4 healthy 5 perfect. Avoid eating fried foods as fried foods that oil is not clean anymore.

Expert research suggests that Indonesia ranks fifth in the number of cancer. One was caused by the food in cooking. For one person diet, food is advisable not to approach let alone eat it because of the fat content is too much. Thus, our heart will be covered by fat.

Indonesia’s population, from the bottom up to the elite, such as fried foods are not foreign in their lives, so they do not hesitate to make our snack menu every day. And this can cause sore throat, high cholesterol, and degenerative diseases.

The World Health Organization (WHO) also explains on its website that a diet rich in carbohydrates or starch are experiencing frying or cooking process with high temperatures can stimulate the formation of carcinogenic compounds that lead to cancer, namely acrylamide. Certain doses of acrylamide are also toxic to humans nervous system.

To that end, carbohydrate food is needed by the human body, but must comply with the dose. A healthy lifestyle begins with a healthy diet and regular as well.

Tips for Improving Nutrition Immune

We can also boost immunity in living a natural healthy lifestyle. Immune function will begin to decline as we age. The fall was characterized by the body’s immune declining number and activity of T cells that protect against viruses, among others. In addition, T cells are reduced will also reduce the effectiveness of white blood cells to get rid of the bacteria.

Scientist who won the Nobel Prize twice, Dr. Linus Pauling, died at the age of 93. Excited, he never said he had managed to delay death, at least for the past 20 years due to high-dose vitamin C. At present, the more we realize that the function of vitamin C is not just for anti-ulcer, but also to boost immunity.

In order for our body can ward off foreign invaders (viruses, germs, and bacteria), lymphocytes (white blood cells) should be available in sufficient quantities. Consuming high doses of vitamin C is known to increase the production of lymphocytes. In the body, vitamin C works as antibiotics that destroy the virus that causes the disease.

Bale consider Real Madrid bid

Gareth Bale will consider an offer from Real Madrid when the Spanish giants agreed a fee with the current club, Tottenham Hotspur.

Bale agent, Jonathan Barnett, told Spanish television station said his client would obviously listening to Real president Florentino Perez.

“If the figures caliber Perez interested in Gareth Bale, this is certainly an honor and we will consider the wishes Perez,” Barnett said.

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Everton apologize for the change of logo

Everton has apologized to his fans after more than 22, 000 people signed a petition criticizing the contents of the club’s new logo.

Everton club motto is in Latin, the “Nil Satis, Nisi Optimum” – which means “there is nothing better than the best” – and fruit wreaths have been omitted from the design of a new logo.

In the petition, the fanatical Everton supporter threatened not to buy the merchandise that had been a one-on-one financial inputs club.

Everton said management has apologized for not talking about the logo change to his fans.

“We’re sorry, we did not ask for any Evertonian (Everton fan) about something so important.”

not altered
Even so, they declared the new logo still use it “as part of the modernization process of the club”.

Organizers said the English Premier League, Everton’s new logo will be used during the season 2013/14 later.

In the early days of its founding, the form of writing EFC Everton logo white shield with a blue background.

On his way, namely in 1938, the new logo insert symbols Tower Prince Rupert, and the two wreaths replace EFC letters.

In the same year, the motto Nil Satis, Nisi Optimum is also included under the shield, although it was never shown in costume players until 1978.

But in 1982, the motto was removed before being added back when done redesign in 1991.

Laudrup Talk About Swansea Season Home

Swansea City manager, Michael Laudrup, stating that his team accomplished this season is quite difficult to be repeated. Financial side of their main challenges.

Denmark’s coach managed to bring Swansea won the League Cup this season and ended the league in ninth position. Nicks is arguably a feat considering they had limited funds and a new two-season promotion to the Premier League.

“I think last season we were almost up, when talking about the position in the standings, but we’ve got a few hundred million pounds,” said Laudrup.

“There are always things you can improve, but there was no higher position we could achieve. Fact strengthen themselves would be very difficult.”

“Some of the teams below us this season will be a lot of investing; West Ham, Newcastle United, Aston Villa. They are big teams who want to take our current position,” he added.

The League Cup is the fourth trophy as a manager after previously being champions Denmark, Danish Cup and Super Cup Denmark with Brondby. Is not negligible compared with his title as a player.

“Much more difficult to be a manager rather than a player. Clearly two very different jobs. As a player you are amongst 25 others. As a manager you are alone.”

“It is true that you are working with a group, but in the end you alone. You have to make decisions and be responsible for everything,” said the man is 48 years old.