Cake Brownies Can Restore Stamina know

Brownies are usually familiar with slang cake with chocolate flavor is proved to have benefits can quickly recover stamina. Let’s look at the ingredients that have a high nutritional value.

Eggs, fats, sugar and wheat are the main structural components of brownies. To improve the texture, usually added emulsifiers and materials developers.

In terms of taste, it is more savory baked brownies. But in terms of health, steamed brownies safer because they do not form free radicals, while there is little chance baked to form free radicals.

Nevertheless, excessive concern over consumption baked brownies, it is not necessary. By nature, humans are also always produces free radicals in the body. As long as the amount of free radicals in the body which is still within the limits of control, there is nothing to worry about.

In general, sugar is added to the product to provide a sweet taste. Function of sugar in the making brownies, in addition to providing sweetness, it also affects the formation of structure, improve the texture and tenderness, extend freshness mangikat by water, as well as stimulating the establishment of a good color.

In addition, added sugars can serve as a preservative. Sugar can reduce the water content of food so that it can inhibit the growth of microorganisms.

Fat is an important component in making brownies. Fat that is normally used is butter and margarine. Commonly used in the manufacture of margarine brownies because they were cheaper than butter. The addition of fat to provide savory flavor, soften, making the product does not quickly become hard and more tender. Besides, we can add nutritional value and delicious flavor of brownies can be increased.

Eggs in the making brownies serves to establish a framework that serves as structure formation, the egg also serves as a softener and binding. Another function is to aeration, ie the ability of the air at the time of capture so that the air whipped batter evenly over the dough meyebar.

Dark cooking chocolate (chocolate block) is a special chocolate bar that is used to form the bakery products. This material can be melted at a temperature of 40oC, and serves to give flavor and color. Also added cocoa powder that works to improve the taste, aroma, and color.