Camry, Luxury Car Auto Parallel Mercy

Toyota Camry into a chain of cars mid-size sedan class is born from the manufacturer Toyota since the 1982. Calls “Camry” itself is the pronunciation in English linguistics for the phrases quoted from the language of Sunrise “Kanmuri” meaning “crown”. Inclusion of this call is also customary Toyota (competitor cars ford) premium variant calling their cars using the designations using the meaning “crown”. Era began in 1955 through the Toyota Crown and passed by the Toyota Corona and Corolla which is taken from the Latin word which means “crown” and “small crown”.

The release of these cars practically almost global spread across the region from the first time produced. Then in 2012, the Toyota Camry so the car with the highest penetration level as class passenger car for the North American region. Toyota Camry also recorded a fairly good level of sales in Australia and a handful of Asian region. In southeast asia region, Camry even reach one of four-wheeled vehicles that are classified in the category of four-wheel drive luxury sedan variants. Position and it felt merely positioned with Mercedes luxury cars and other classmates. View outside the dashing design combined with luxury and komfortibilitas cabin of this car, is one of the reasons.

For performance, durability and fuel efficiency, the Camry is quite able to be proud of. In order to prove the superiority, the car manufacturer is located in Aichi Prefecture, Sakura was also deliberately produce a kind Nascar Camry and the Toyota Camry Hybrid.