Can Children Experiencing Early Puberty

In general, early signs of puberty normally appear in girls aged 8-13 years old, while boys 9-14 years old. However, when secondary sexual signs in children before the age of normal, it is called early puberty (precocious puberty), as quoted from the writings of Dr. Aditya Suryansyah Semendawai, SP.A, in a book entitled ‘Panic At puberty? Say No!!! ‘

The impact, in addition to the child grow into mature faster, both in terms of growth and psychologically, early puberty may also increase the risk of cancer and tumors later in life. Early puberty can be caused by various factors, as reported by LIVESTRONG, the following:

Research relating to weight gain and early puberty in children has been done in a long time. Based on the medical report from the University of Michigan Health System proves that girls who are overweight tend to have earlier puberty than normal weight.

Deviations hormone
Some of the medical conditions that affect hormones can cause early puberty in boys and girls. Although rare, McCune-Albright syndrome, congenital adrenal hyperplasia, and thyroid can make hormonal irregularities that cause early puberty. In addition, the boy with the overproduction of male sex hormones, such as testosterone, may also experience early puberty.

Environmental toxins
Research has proven that toxins from the environment can affect hormones and cause early puberty. The study, conducted by Dr. Mary Wolff and colleagues from Mount Sinai School of Medicine, found that the effects of certain chemicals that are found in a wide range of everyday products, such as nail polish, cosmetics, perfumes, lotions and shampoos, suggesting a direct link with the early growth of breast and pubic hair in girls.

Genes are also known to play a role in the cause of early puberty in children. Kidshealth report says that 5% of boys who experience early puberty inherited condition of the father or the grandfather, who also experienced early puberty. Whereas in girls only 1%.


Some medical problems, although it is rare, but it can also lead to early puberty, among other defects or abnormalities in the brain or spinal cord, infection, encephalitis and meningitis, as well as problems in the ovaries and thyroid gland.

Remember, do not be too bothered it. Although still wary, as parents, we should always be there to assist, as well as equip them with adequate knowledge about early puberty.