Carbohydrates are also very important for athletes

Especially athletes who need extra power, such as football, basketball, futsal, etc.. As an athlete must maintain and select the proper nutrition.

Proper nutrition is the main basis for superfine As with an athlete’s performance on the pitch. Indonesian athletes, especially football, they eat too much carbohydrate is in rice, so no wonder the national team players are feeling tired in the second round. Though still a long time.

Mayor of Bandung, West Java has imposed a one-day program without rice. However, the program is not effective for the community. Though the program is good for our health.

Many Indonesian people who say that if you do not eat rice, it is not eaten. This is because they are in small time already fed with rice, until now, so the brain was hypnotized by his will stomach.

Should of been given a little low sugar foods, but high carbohydrate, eating can be a child has an ideal body speed. If the child is an athlete who requires speed, then the child has a speed that is above average.

In these days many ordinary people who want almost instantaneous, especially food. In fact our own content not yet know the content of these foods. Examples such as instant noodles, milk boxes, light snacks, and so forth.

Many experts observe that many light snack foods containing MSG where it could be damaging our health. There are also meatballs containing formaldehyde, grass jelly also contains formaldehyde, or chicken that has become a carcass.

Therefore, we as consumers have to be careful to choose food. Choose foods that are nutritious, nourishing nutrition according to the figures. Apply 4 healthy 5 perfect. Avoid eating fried foods as fried foods that oil is not clean anymore.

Expert research suggests that Indonesia ranks fifth in the number of cancer. One was caused by the food in cooking. For one person diet, food is advisable not to approach let alone eat it because of the fat content is too much. Thus, our heart will be covered by fat.

Indonesia’s population, from the bottom up to the elite, such as fried foods are not foreign in their lives, so they do not hesitate to make our snack menu every day. And this can cause sore throat, high cholesterol, and degenerative diseases.

The World Health Organization (WHO) also explains on its website that a diet rich in carbohydrates or starch are experiencing frying or cooking process with high temperatures can stimulate the formation of carcinogenic compounds that lead to cancer, namely acrylamide. Certain doses of acrylamide are also toxic to humans nervous system.

To that end, carbohydrate food is needed by the human body, but must comply with the dose. A healthy lifestyle begins with a healthy diet and regular as well.