Children Need A Balanced Intake

Baby is a very important part in the household. Which parent does not love their child? Regarding the intake, the father and mother would want to ensure that their children get the best food and eat regularly. But they do not pay attention to what their children eat the right amount.

Without realizing the child can eat excessive amounts and it can increase the risk of obesity. Consider the following five signs to watch out that you do not make children eat excessively, as summarized from Parenting.

Slowing the speed of eating
When children feel his stomach was quite full, it will slow down the speed of eating or stop eating altogether. You need to pay attention to these signs and do not force your child to spend on food to discourage overeating.

If the child’s eating pace started to slow down, wait for a few minutes to let the stomach sends to the brain satiety response. In order not to waste food, take small portions and add little by little if the child is not yet full.

Not quite hungry as most snacking
If the child has been eating snacks before eating, it will not feel quite hungry when meal time arrives and tends lazing while eating. It is not only dependent on the number of snack only, but according to a study from the University of North Carolina stated that the type of snacks high in sugar and fat, such as cookies and chips, can make a child do not get excited for a great meal.

Notice what is appropriate snacks and unobtrusive diet of children, choices such as strawberries or apples will not interfere with a child’s appetite even make children eat more voraciously.

Children are eating about the same as their parents
Children and adults have different needs that meal portions should also be adjusted. Portion sizes are good eating size of your palm and apply to children as well. For snacks, measure portions with one hand so take that amount is too much.

Offering snacks to entertain children
When the child is fussy or upset even crying for some reason, do not suppress it by offering snacks. Who really needed by children is serenity that you can give by offering a drink, listen to the story, or give a hug.

Children may just feel bored and want attention. Try to solve the underlying problems and avoid bribing kids with snacks to forget his anger.

Clothing for children starting to look uncomfortable
If the child clothes slowly looks too cramped and uncomfortable though fixed length, this suggests that the children gained weight is not healthy. The addition of a healthy weight at her age as a sign of growth must be accompanied by the addition of height. When the child’s weight is increasing while height remains the same, it’s a children consume more food than they need.

What about your child?