Clever Kids Talk Not Easily Angered

Seeing a child’s development would be fun for the parents. The process of maturation of the heart can be affected since he was small. One is to interact with others.

Ability turned out to be taught to the child, so that he is able to control his temper early on. Experts say that children who are able to communicate well, they can control anger and move on from their frustration well too.

A study showed a link between language skills with an expression of anger in children. The latest study was conducted involving 120 children aged 18 months who were followed up to 4 years of age.

In that study, children were asked to undergo a test of language skills and the ability to accomplish tasks that can deliver regularly frustrated. One of the frustrating task is to ask children to wait for 8 minutes before they open presents, while his mother complete a job.

The researchers looked at two different behaviors for each participant. Children who have been articulate and have good language skills, are more likely to ask for the support of his parents in a state of frustration, like asking how much longer her job to be completed.

Meanwhile, the opposite behavior shown by children who did not master the language skills. They divert the resentment and frustration because the wait with a fury.

“Better ability to help children to vent his frustration verbally rather than using emotion. In addition, children are also more able to develop his imagination to keep myself busy and endure frustration, “said Pamela Cole, a researcher and professor of psychology at Pennsylvania State University, as quoted from MyHealthNewsDaily.

The results of these studies have been published in the journal Child Development on December 20, 2012.

So, what about your child’s development? Do they also have good language skills?