Doodle Boat, Adventure Fun Cross the River

For you Android and iOS users may have heard of the game Doodle Jump developer Gamehouse. This game has a characteristic that its cartoon graphics like graffiti images of children. After the game Doodle Jump Android popular among the more developers than Game House that emit smells Doodle games, one of which is the Snake Boat from developer Mass Creation.

Doodle Boat boat is a game where you will adventure by boat down the river to complete the given mission. Some of the missions to be accomplished like to go sailing as far as possible and become The Duke of River; ambush by the river and interfere with young people who sunbathe; shooting obstacles and other water facilities in the river, collect coins and buy better boats; bring the material More fuel for the travel arrangements, and of course get the best results.

In Doodle Boat you will find some kind of enemy with different vessels such as fishing boats and motorcycles to speedboats in this game comes with a set of obstacles that must be overcome, quoted paseban.

Additionally, in this game there are five boats that can be unlocked and the three types of fuel consumption. This game also supports Open Feint where you can beat the other players who have the highest scores and other players flew out of the water.

Unfortunately, even if you reach the highest score in Doodle Boat, you will not get any achievement unlike in other games as well as the score board in the absence of Doodle Boat. So that even impressed trivial, minor aspects of this kind could affect the interests of the downloaders Doodle Boat to continue to play this game.

Talking about graphics, graphics Doodle Boat has a rather unique concept that you will be taken to see pretty typical coastal scenery as if painted on a sheet of drawing paper with scratches cheerful bright colors typical beach.

Despite having Doodle Boat Doodle style but has a fairly clean graphics. One interesting thing is the graphics Doodle Boat notebook effect “tearing” which creates an atmosphere coast.

As for the issue of music in Doodle Boat, this game is the theme of rock music that is consistent with the concept of the game itself because it is kind of leads to game action.

Surprisingly, the music is not repetitive despite the 2 to 3 second loop that constantly played the entire game. Sound Effects produced is also very fitting with the ongoing scene like when you smash your opponent boats. In conclusion owned Doodle Boat graphics as a result of scratches professional painter and sound arrangement is also pretty neat.

Although the boat was impressed enough game simple, trouble in this game lies in the possibility of you losing control of your boat causing the boat washed up on the beach or even a boat swerved towards the opponent.

It is for this kind of game control problems has always been a part of a pretty tough so even if you’ve played it for hours on end may be the loss of control is still occurring.

Regardless of the strengths and weaknesses owned Doodle Boat, boat game is quite interesting to play even more games is free to download so it never hurts to try to play it.

Doodle Boat with colorful graphics is perfect played both children to adults, and once you start playing this game you will be comfortable for long play.

Doodle Boat can be downloaded for free in the Android Store and compatible with Android OS 2.1 with a minimum size of data downloaded about 7.4 MB. As for the iPhone, iPad or iPod, Doodle Boat can be downloaded for free in the iTunes Store and requires iOS 3.0 with the minimum of data downloaded about 13.7 MB.