Effects On The Small Of Child Care

Many couples work more to feel safe and comfortable entrust their children in daycare or daycare. Although some studies have claimed that the daycare can help improve the ability to communicate and immune system of children. But beyond that, recent research has proven that daycare toddlers also can trigger obesity.

The scientists found that 50 percent of school children also have a tendency to be obese when deposited in daycare, school children compared with their parents. In fact, entrusted the child to the family or relationships can also significantly increase the risk of obesity, especially when children aged 4-10 years.

“The difference is we can not explain, whether socio-economic risk factors such as older people, nursing, maternal body mass index, or the work of parents also have contributed,” said lead researcher from the University of Montreal, Dr.. Marie-Claude Geoffroy, as reported by the Daily Mail.

The researchers have not been able to justify the difference in weight loss experienced by children with two different types of parenting. However, unhealthy diet and lack of exercise has a great role in increasing obesity in children.

However, one of the researchers, Dr. Sylvana Cote, said that parents need not worry. “I suggest that parents provide healthy and nutritious food to their children, as well as enough physical activity at home or in day care,” said Dr. Cote.

The researchers suggest that daycare can actually help you lose weight children, through the implementation of adequate physical activity and healthy eating.

A spokesman for the National Obesity Forum in the United States, Tam Fry, said that there is a major difference in the nutrients obtained by the children while they are at daycare and when children are in the care of a parent.

So, if you still want to leave the child in day care, do not forget to keep an eye on their food intake in order to avoid the dangers of obesity.