Fastest Cars of Universal Enliven Transformers 4

Your automotive enthusiasts as well as lovers of movie robots. Nah, not least from the movie Fast and Furious 6 movie Transformers 4 also show a lot of powerful cars and super. Film vibrantly Transformers 4 seems to be enlivened latest cars. Unmitigated fastest car universal Bugatti Grand Sport Vitesse that will enliven the new movie Transformers.

In addition to the super car Bugatti Grand Sport Vitesse American car Corvette Stingray C7 will also contribute to enliven the film featuring robots live on the big screen which will be released on June 20, 2014. Transformers 4 will begin suting this summer, where the two cars will be incarnated as a robot Autobot hero to keep the earth from destruction.

Both cars will join the bumblebee, played by Chevy Camaro.¬†There has been no explanation manifestation robot of two cars in a film made by Michael Bay’s. But the rumored movie Transformers 4 will get better when the director will change the shape of Optimus Prime as well as add new players Mark Wahlberg as a replacement for Shia LaBeouf.