Fauja Singh, the World’s Oldest Marathon Runner

Age is not young anymore. Although age of 102 years, but the runner Fauja Singh has become the world’s oldest still follow the Marathon.

After losing his wife and children at the age of 80 years, Singh turned dull life. He seemed to want to die than to live. Now at the age of 102 years, Singh just like an artist.

“Running is good and bring me back to life trauma and forget all my sorrows. When I started running, I like to meet God. Since then I like to run, “said Singh.

With his trademark style as a gray beard and traditional headgear, Singh earned the nickname The turbaned tornado. Singh has attended almost all marathon events around the world.

Singh Life is not always fun. He can run normally when the new five-year-old because of his own weakness.

“It took five years to gain strength and become stronger. At the age of 10 years, I’ve felt normal life, “he explained.

Many older people suffer limb damage, but Singh is much more nuanced. When following a test at the age of 94 years, Singh felt a little weak on his left foot right foot.

“My response was that I knew my left leg was weaker. Life becomes useless without a sense of humor. Life is only about the happiness and laughter, “he said, with a laugh.