Food For Children Not Only Delicious

Each child will benefit from the healthy food he consumes each day. Parents have a major role in shaping children’s eating habits. When parents eat a variety of foods that are low in fat and sugar and high in fiber, children will learn to like these foods as well.

With many parents working outside the home, child care also play a role in shaping children’s eating habits, as well as his playmates and advertising from the usual electronic media he witnessed. Therefore, you as a parent have a great fundamental role to provide an understanding of the people around about healthy eating needs of your child.

Here are some ways to help your child’s eating habits for the better:

Give extra snack two or three times a day to children in addition to the daily staple food.
Offer a variety of foods to your child, such as fruits, low fat dairy products, low-fat meat and beans.
Serve snacks like dried fruit, low fat yogurt, and popcorn.
Let your child decide what he wants to eat and how much to eat them. Offer him a new food even though at first he might be refused.
Give food cooked with low fat, baked or boiled foods, rather than being given food cooked by frying.
Choose and prepare foods with little salt. Keep salt off the table. Give fruits and vegetables in your child to snack on salty, not snacks.
Involve your child in preparing the dishes and tidied the dining table. Children will be more eager to eat food he served himself.
Do not be too strict in limiting food. Eating sweets and foods from fast food restaurants in small amounts may be given to your child at any time.
Make sure your child eats breakfast. Breakfast gives kids enough energy that they need to learn and move in schools.