Havanese training: Teach your dog to play tricks

It’s great fun to have animals at home. The most common animals are house dogs. People liked their companions. They are, as the best friend of man considered. A dog at home will make your family happy, especially children. They are one of the playmates must have children at home. These dogs must be trained to avoid adverse events in the country.
You should consider, follow these rules in training Havana:
• Love and respect your Havanese
These dogs are very sensitive to the tone of your voice. You are not eager to hear your tone of voice harsh. It is best to treat them with kindness.
• Choose a suitable place in dog training
You must select the appropriate location. You will probably learn if they are no distractions like people. As they are very sociable and playful, they are where many people divert their training. They prefer to play, because they are like to play.
• Identify the behavior of the Havanese
Havanese in training, it is best to know the characteristics of the dog. This gives you more access to the identification of the correct training of the dog. It will take more time if you do not know the natural behavior of the animal. Identify their behavior to be more help in the training of the Havanese.
Dog training is best done when they are still puppies that Havaneses. Here are some tips Havanese training:
• Ringing Bell
If you want your Havanese outside or inside the house, let him touch his nose or paw.
o Do not forget to praise his performance, so he more motivated to do so.
o When the bell rings do not forget to put inside or outside dog. If you do not, he thinks it is a game, and soon will be confused if they get the bell.
o Remember that you need to give your pet tip for precise to avoid confusion on his part. You can also teach a different method, such as the bell. This depends on the time you devote to training dogs in their laps.
• To ask for water
o Many animal lovers have tried this method in training Havana.
o If the Havanese is closer to the water tank such as tanks or other, ask him if he wants water.
o Let them bark only respond to their needs met.
o Do not give the dog water when they give you only the bark as an acknowledgment of the issue.
o Whenever the dog near the water tank or etc. Do not forget to ask, you get water? ‘
o Wait until the bark as individual response.
o Do you have this routine as usual.
These basic tips on dog training best be done with care and understanding of your puppy. Treatment of the animal as a friend and interconnection to guarantee the best result.