He’s Just How Healthy is the Time 10 Minutes

Exercise is important but many busy people who claim they would rather not have a reasonable time. But if health can be sacrificed just because of the time?

A new study from the College of Public Health, The Ohio State University also found that American adults spend more time to prepare food rather than exercise.

When in fact many ways to make a healthier body without sacrificing a lot of time as well as other, more important activities such as work or family. For that, consider the 10 ways to improve health conditions in just 10 minutes or less as follows.

1. Laughter (1 minute)
Giggled for 60 seconds was able to release endorphins that relieve stress and relaxes tense muscles. Especially if you’re a regular laugh then your blood sugar will be more stable, blood flows more smoothly and longer life.

2. To thank (2 minutes)
Did not take long to say those two words but the impact was huge. In fact thank you not only make a person feel better received but also improve the health of people who speak it.

Not only that, a study held in 1995 also found that appreciation can protect heart health, boost the immune system and make you sleep more soundly.

3. Eating eggs (3 minutes)
Eggs are said to contain high cholesterol eggs but on the other hand also contains a number of nutrients that can improve health conditions, such as choline, a B vitamin that is essential for brain function and prevent heart problems.

Egg breakfast also has long been known to help you lose weight, especially recently found that high protein breakfast like eggs can prevent a person with eating less nutritious snacks during the day.

4. Inhale deeply (4 minutes)
The benefits of a deep breath is not only people who regularly meditate owned. “Wherever you are, you can breathe through your nose to the count of three, stop for a moment and then release it in a matter of three or more,” suggested stress management consultant, Judy Martin.

5. Sports in places (five minutes)
Perhaps there was no time to follow certain fitness workout or a walk in the park, but the exercise for five minutes is enough to increase a person’s metabolism. The following tips are recommended mini sports fitness and triathlon expert, Ben Greenfield:

– 25 times jumping jacks
– 20 times the crunch
– 15 times the squat slowly and under control
– 10 times pushup slowly and under control
– 10 times burpees

6. Up the stairs (6 min)
Do mostly sitting, occasional wear in the office stairs for exercise. With three to five times up and down the stairs in a day, you can burn more calories to prevent weight gain of 1-2 pounds adults annually.

7. Reading food labels (7 minutes)
When shopping, take your time to pay attention to not only the calories in the food you buy, but also fat, trans fat, sugar, serving size, including the amount of fiber.

8. Schedule a doctor’s consultation (8 minutes)
No matter how busy you are, a time to call and make an appointment with a doctor consultation or checkup. After all it will not take long. Do not get when you’re really sick, then you recognize if you are too busy to call a doctor because it would sound silly.

9. Bring a lunch (9 minutes)
If your work schedule these days are filled with meetings and do not have time to eat lunch, then you will be ‘tempted’ to block the stomach with food packaged or processed foods first. Better, prepare lunch from home with the composition of nutritious foods. That way you will not only be able to control the levels of salt and fat in your diet but also save a lot of money.

10. Nap (10 minutes)
Sleepy in the middle of the day? Rather than forcing the move and the result is not optimal, better lay your body for a moment. Among other benefits make the body become more fresh and alert, including improved memory, creativity and productivity.

But it should be remembered if only a good nap for 10 minutes. If more than that, you’ll just feel weak and sluggish when you wake up and resume activity again.