Hii! There is a body left behind at the Ambulance Station currently in

One ambulance The National Health Service (NHS) was damaged on the taillights and into the garage for repair. But there are still bodies left in it. NHS repeatedly apologized for the incident.

Used ambulance is the type commonly used NHS Grampian to transport the bodies to the funeral home. The bodies were discovered by accident by the mechanical workshop will examine current. If only this mechanic does not find the body can remain in the ambulance waiting for days for fixed taillights.

Employees in charge of the ambulance was already given suspension. NHS still required to apologize to the family and the mechanics, and asked to investigate further how this event could well occur.

“Who could have thought to leave the body in the ambulance?’s A very embarrassing incident,” said Margaret Watt, representatives of the Scottish Patients Association.

“Ambulance driver should be really careful and check if there is unfinished business from their work. Bodies can tesebut days are there if the mechanics do not find it,” he continued.

The bodies were found in the hospital in a body bag when the ambulance arrived at the garage AM Phillip. The workshop was reluctant to comment on the incident.

NHS Grampian stated that this incident is very important to be addressed and they have apologized to the family of the body. “We have also contacted the shop and apologized for it. We know it is not easy for the mechanic look at bodies like that,” said a spokeswoman for NHS Grampian.

The spokesperson also added that they actually have strict procedures associated with the work system. He said he realized much needed respect in the care of patients who have died. However, the occurrence of this event indicates the system is not performing well and will be evaluated further.

“We are very sorry and we will take action so that similar incidents do not happen again,” he continued.