Honda CR-Z Sport Hybrid Cars From Honda’s Latest

Honda CR-Z to be one of the vehicle types fueled hybrid sports coupe that can be called home updated this Japanese vehicle manufacturer. When introduced in 2007 as a concept vehicle, Honda CRZ started toward the assembly process at three x 12 months later, certainly in the year ’10. 2 +2 seat arrangement in the form of non sedan format 3 doors make this a sports car look quite tempting.

Initial generation CR-Z equipped with engines 1.5 liters (92 cu in) SOHC, i-VTEC 4-cylinder in line, prepared with hybrid technology from Honda, which dukatakan as Integrated Motor Assist (IMA) with battery Nickel Metal Hydride (Ni-MH) . Transmission is standard tuned 6-speed manual transmission with an option of a continuously variable transmission. All the power that can be generated by the technology collaboration at 122 horsepower or 91 kW and can bring Honda CRZ to sprint from a standstill to 60 mph in a matter of 8.3 seconds.

Nowadays, in the age of five, the car’s Sport Hybrid comes something that comes along with all updated. 2 color options in the body, as well as the updated tire in additional LED head lamp Honda CRZ make the display look more attractive. On the hood, replace the battery that the previous CRZ using Ni-MH and Li-Ion battery to be able to upgrade the energy produced, than at 122 horse power to 130 horse power.