How can I survive nonstop Hong Kong Walk-A-Thons

When I went to Hong Kong last year, it was like a big race. My friend Jen and I were determined to cover as much ground as we could in four days and three nights we were there. We have shown that doing a lot of walking.

If you ever find yourself in Hong Kong and wonder why most of the natives of Hong Kong are thin, it is probably because they are always on foot. In fact, most women in a position to run longer distances are fashionable high heels. For the occasional traveler, here are some tips on how to survive non-stop walk-a-thon in Hong Kong.

Absorbent and fast drying

All-day running means that you sweat buckets mostly sunny weather. Believe me, an extra t-shirt is not enough. It was summer in Hong Kong when I was there, so I decided to wear shorts and a thin but comfortable T-shirt. Light clothes dry easily in the sun. So when Jen and I needed a break, we could find a place in the shade or go to a café for refreshment and we dry. A small absorbent towel is also useful as a handkerchief.

Dish is not the same as comfort

People often think that flat shoes and comfort. This is not always the case. A friend of mine made this mistake when she wore shoes dolls constantly walking. She complained that her feet sore should it away from them the next day to stay. Flip-flops are also a no-no. They need a lot of protection for your feet, so that someone steps on them. Slippers are too weak and break easily. Do not mix new shoes go. You will not know who they are for walking, if they broke. Already in. Your sneakers most promising or a pair of shoes that have been tried and tested for removal

Sparkly Vampires need a plan, too

We all know how unpredictable weather and we never know how the day will turn out when we get there. We went to Hong Kong in July so the weather was sunny with blue skies. I’m glad my umbrella faithful laptop with me to protect me from the scorching sun. You can also opt for a cap or a hat, but if you have sensitive skin pale burn easily, instead of using an umbrella. In Hong Kong, I saw so many beautiful swinging umbrellas, some with sequins and embroidery. Unfortunately, the language barrier prevents me know where I can buy a fancy looking.

Or excess baggage behind

Foot while dragging heavy suitcases or bags is exhausting. Must be the joy of research, especially when you are busy worrying if your luggage can be stolen. Jen and what I’ve done is that we. Our stuff left on our concierge while we decided to explore the town We wore small bag for the essentials: wallet, cell phone, digital camera and a map. As much as we wanted to bring the DSLR camera, we do not want the burden of running us.