How can you stop your Cairn Terrier hunting

For homeowners, it’s a challenge to care Cairn Terrier hunting and removal of any natural instinct in their path. Well, not really everything, but you get the point. Dogs of this kind could be a nuisance to the outside of the house, because they may be more prone to accidents and accidents. As an owner, it is important to know this information because all the relationship you have with your dog could be made. To fully address the problem of hunting, it is imperative that we know the origin of the dog.
Cairn terriers were originally designed in the 1500s. They mostly come from the Scottish Highlands and Isle of Skye. Previously, they were considered to be identical with the Scottish Terrier and West Highland White Terrier dog breed. The resemblance is only in the 1900s when they started to breed separately. Cairn Terriers have also used the Skye Terrier.
The word “cairn” was their use – where he could find his place in cairns, which are dens of rock and warn farmers of all foxes or badgers, so they can be killed. Therefore, it is known for hunting and hunting small animals. His talents are tracking, hunting, go-ground studies, a watchdog and towers of the scene with agility.
As an owner of Cairn Terrier dogs or those with a penchant for shopping, you must know how to satisfy their desires, if not entirely, in part. As this is their true nature, they will not deviate from chasing and you’re likely to face. One solution is to educate and train them. Try conditioning the dog that you are angry or disappointed if you hunt to find something. A push to make the bracket. Do not be too strict because it triggers the dog’s inappropriate behavior.
Then make a daily walk. Exercise is one of the most important weapons in your arsenal to hunt for control of Cairn Terrier trend. If you practice enough and play (which is a form of exercise as well), you feed his hunger for run chasing things. They also try to do things. While you’re there, praised by the contractor, which makes the dog feel more closely. Your consistent leadership since its formation in a quiet and pleasant little doggie.
But also because of its heritage, you might not be able to completely eliminate hunting behavior. These dogs also love to dig holes where the vermin. While it might be useful to think at first that the holes in your garden. Not only a hole, but a different arrangement of holes. In different shapes and sizes We warned you. Therefore, training and practice is very, very important.
Just keep in mind that these dogs feel great dogs, are trapped in the body of a small dog. This makes them very strongly, so you should do to calm with exercise and play time. Let Cairn Terrier by itself or in a kennel in the yard, because it triggers their “separation anxiety” behavior.