How to discourage your adult dog Mouthing

Dogs with mouth to learn about their world. It starts from the moment they are born, and continues in his life. The problem is in the course of time, the behavior to develop an expression of aggression. Even if a puppy rarely uses his mouth aggressively, an adult dog naturally, often without realizing its owner. It is important to understand the behavior before it happens.
We take a closer look at the issue of dog biting and mouth below. We explain how the habit developed during the puppy stage, and when you should take steps to discourage it. We also offer some suggestions for the implementation of the latter.
Mouthing and nipping after the formation of their mothers develop, and socialization among their brothers and sisters. As a puppy reaches four or five weeks, his mother has already taken steps to wean the care home. Meanwhile, as he plays with his brothers and sisters, he learns how he can kill mouth without crossing a line. If he / she does one of his siblings pinching her too aggressively, give feedback from the same litter. It does this by barking and stop playing immediately. This helps the puppy understand that offend his mouth can learn pain to others, an important step in how to play together.
Many puppies are adopted near their eighth week. They are separated from their mothers and siblings who cut this chain of reactions and socialization. When a puppy is the new owner socialization training diligently animal biting mouth habit and is easy to control. Unfortunately, many owners fail to pass the time. They ignore the behavior, so that they strengthen pronounced.
In the early stages of developing a puppy, it is completely unnecessary to limit the habit of mouth and chew. In fact, many professional trainers suggest owners should allow a small amount at a time. The reason is that puppies learn to recognize its limitations. If they are forced to stop the habit at too young an age, they lose the ability to have on the basis of comments.
If your puppy nipping is too frequent or painful because of his teeth, provide feedback needed. To do this, the same way that his brothers and sisters. For example, if he bites her finger while playing, remove it and exclaim, “Ouch!” Discontinue play immediately. This reminds your puppy zealous nipping can hurt people, how it hurts when his brothers and sisters. The feedback mechanism is the same.
If you continue to do so, your puppy will eventually quit the habit. When he is an adult dog, it will avoid mouth and pinch people or animals.
But what if you discourage negligent behavior, grew your pet? Up to this point, he could still get your hands and arms when he wants your attention. Worse, they may try to do when friends and family to your home. This can be frustrating for all parties involved.
First, resist the temptation to punish your dog for the behavior. The reason is the mouth and columns, because he never learned that this is unacceptable. It is what comes naturally to him.
Second, to understand that you are in control of resources (food, toys, etc.) and must work to earn it. This positions you as a leader. He is to meet your needs if it wants access to his valuable resources.
Third, start using treats to reward your dog when he can go your hands and arms. If you catch with his mouth to stop immediately. Do not talk or rigid, easy to maintain. Eventually, your dog will set you free. Give him a treat when he does.
Develop an adult dog to avoid mouth and pinch the patience required. But if you take the time to establish clear boundaries with your pet, it will not learn about the possibility of.