Hugs The Very Means For Children

Cuddle with children provides benefits that regular Lura. So that you can practice this fun activity, you should know first seven kinds of hugs.

Here is an explanation Jovita Maria Ferliana MPsi, lecturer of the Faculty of Psychology Ukrida as reported in a blog:

– Butterfly kisses eskimo-style is embraced by parents with the child. They hugged each other then rub noses together.

– Bear hug is a hug by reaching around the body with one hand on the waist and one hand on the shoulder. Aims to provide a sense of comfort, loved and can be given when the child is sick, sad or afraid.

– Hugs are embracing the little cheeks with both hands and then one cheek cheek child. Aiming evoke a sense of happiness or pleasure even more effective when you and your child in a calm and relaxed state.

– Hug hug sandwich is quick with staring eyes sitting position and then embraced. Aims to provide a sense of comfort and security, especially if your child is experiencing negative emotions or sad.

– Hugs are hugs pat pat hand on the back of the little poppet head leaning on his shoulder. Aiming to calm her down when she is sad or crying.

– Chest hug is a hug with a look at each other and hug the shoulder sleeves. Aiming tell you that your child happy for his success.

– Hugs are hugs miss miss a great family such as grandmothers, grandfathers or uncles and aunts who have not seen for a long time, usually long and slightly swinging. Aiming to provide warmth and happiness in the midst of a large family.