Improve Children’s Intelligence with Toys

We have known a lot of media education for the benefit of increasing the intelligence of the heart. One of them with toys. However, you are confused or indecisive to choose what kind of toys are good for baby? No need expensive, important beneficial for growth and development.

Here are a few types of toys that can help educate the baby by Dr. Keya Lahiri, Chief Pediatrician at Dr. D.Y. Patil Hospital, as quoted from healthmeup,


For decades, the block has been the choice of the best toys for child development. Block also comes with a choice of bright colors are preferred by children. Not just toys shaped wooden box with attractive colors, block is a toy that can improve motor skills of children.

Musical toys

Not only has a unique shape and color. Toys are accompanied by typical music children can also help improve concentration and increase the baby’s ability to recognize the voice. Additionally, toys with music can improve your child’s visual tracking skills.


The mirror is not your usual big mirror pairs on the dresser. Mirror toys made of flexible plastic could be a smart choice. Babies love to see other babies, even themselves as a mirror. Toys mirrors can also be a medium to improve face recognition and social skills activities. Among other benefits, toy mirrors are also good in developing a social focus.

Stacking cups

Colorful plastic cups that can be stacked is a media baby to develop motor skills, especially the ability to practice the hand and eye. Among other benefits, this type of toy helps babies hone agility and enhance intellectual growth.

Brightly colored cloth

Introduce your baby with soft toys that are brightly colored and varied textures. Hanging above the toy crib. Just by looking at the brightly colored cloth, the baby will more quickly develop the skill of touch.

Remember, to give toys to children, especially babies, need to be adjusted with age. For newborns, no need to give a specific toy for babies at this age only recognize black and white. By three months, babies begin to realize the difference in color, so give toys that are introducing color.

Entering the age of four months, your baby starts to move and have a sensor, but it remains to be stimulated. The baby is moving on at the age of eight months. Giving toys at this age did not matter, as long as parents are more careful guard.

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