In China, There’s Barber Ball Eye Wear Knives, Trying Interested?

There is a proverb that says the eyes are the windows to the world. If the function of the eye is compromised, then all things are seen in the world will diminish its beauty. To maintain the cleanliness of the eye, a man in China has a special ability to shave eyeballs. The tool used was a knife.

Shaving here does not mean cut up eyeballs, but eyeballs clean the surface with a knife. Who can do well not just any man, but rather a ‘professional who already have trained long flight hours.

One is Liu Deyan (53 years) who had 7 years of work as a professional shearer eyeball. He opened an independent practice in a small park located in the city of Chengdu, China. The patients who come will he handle himself carefully.

The process of cleaning the eye with this knife takes about 5 minutes. Eyelids of patients withdrawn, cleaned his eyes, then shaved and slightly rubbed surface. Finally, Liu cleaning the surface under the upper and lower eyelids like windshield wipers use a small stick.

Yes, imagining it was grate. This procedure does look dangerous and risky cause complications, ranging from injuring the eyes to occur due to cross-infection used a knife used for many patients at once. But in China, this practice has become a kind of ancient tradition. It’s just not a lot of similar practices are still open.

In her practice, Ms. Liu also provide hair shaved head and facial hair. After shaving a customer, he quickly rinse the knife and then use it to clean the eyes of the customer.