Intake of Food and Healthy Living Natural

Previously, many more deaths caused by the war, are now more likely caused by the disease. The number of deaths from the disease even been increasing from year to year quickly. Several types of disease rose to prominence and cause of death. People are trying to address the fact that a return to nature and live a natural, healthy way of life.

The issue of returning to nature, or back to nature, is rife campaigned. The alternative choice as a way of addressing and overcoming increasingly rampant disease progression. Moreover, the emergence of diverse and many types of illnesses allegedly caused more lifestyle is unhealthy and unnatural.
Principle of Balance

Naturally, God has created all things in balance principle. So also in your body, the immune system has been awarded and endurance naturally. In addition to creating illness, God would also create the drug. Best natural medicine given to His creatures is the immune system, which is produced by the body itself.

Humans can not be separated from the influence of toxic and harmful substances around him. Toxic enters the body through a variety of ways, either as food intake, inhalation of breath, or in the form of radiation. Once attacked by toxins, the body will fight back by releasing a number of hormones antidote. This fight will be supported by raising the temperature condition of the body to kill za-toxic substances, so you feel like a fever.

However, the body would have difficulty warding toxic when outside the limits of the body itself. Especially when toxic and toxic substances that enter the body is numerous and ongoing. Ultraviolet radiation from the sun and other radioactive materials, air pollution, chemicals carried in food and beverage packaging, cigarette, alcohol, and so will attack your body in quality and quantity beyond the body’s ability to went.

How to live a healthy life naturally invites you to restore the function of the immune system and the body as an antidote to various diseases. In this regard, the body needs the nutrients needed, must also come from natural sources and not the result of artificial plants. Meat, fish, vegetables, and fruits are a natural source of essential nutrients for the body.

To keep the nutrients in the food consumed, you must be careful and pay attention to the production process. The study also found large differences in the quality of the fruit or vegetable product of organic farming with conventional farming, which many use chemical fertilizers. In short, natural, healthy way of life will lead you to the selective intake forms and everything you eat into the body.