Main shield to Keep Kids from Bullying

Do you know only a few schools are reported to parents that bullying action occurs. That means there are still no cases of bullying were not revealed even unknown to the parents of students that are bully.

The good news, because this action has come under fire nationally, a news media, schools and communities anti bullying also took a firm stand.

As a parent you can perform the role at home. Here are five tips are simple but smart enough from Kids Health to prevent your child an easy target students with bullying trend aggressive, even stop the action if it has already happened.

Talk with your child. Discuss bullying with your child and encourage other family members to share the experience very helpful. This conversation also make children to know how the impact of bullying that pushed their courage to fight, most do not think to avoid. Feel free to also invite your child when beginning school to meet teachers and staff, and consulted what to do when faced with a case of the boy bullying.

Eliminate bully bait fishing. Sometimes children can provoke student property to be rude and made a friend or a sister class bully, such as arbitrarily depriving phone or ask for money by threatening. You can help neutralize the situation by asking your child pack their lunch or go to school without sophisticated electronic devices.

Always with friends for safety. Two or more friends standing in a corridor not been the bullier likely than children who are alone. Remind your child to use the system close to friends in places commonly used as a target for bullies if necessary when the school toilet.

Stay calm and move on. If bullier attack, the best defense is to be a child may remain calm and ignore the hurtful insults even though. Teach children to stay calm and ask them to say ‘stop’ to the bullier and walked away. The bullier tend to be enthusiastic if it can hurt and hurt others. Kids who do not easily provoked anger have a better chance to stay out of the radar of the artisan bully.

Do not tackle this problem alone. Sometimes talking with parents of children who bully could be a solution builders. But sometimes it is not, especially when the child’s attitude problem was triggered by a troubled parent anyway. In general, the best way is to solve problems involving the school, where the teacher, or counselor can mediate conversations between students and also between the parents.