‘McLaren Shows Start Repair’

McLaren performances this season is still far from satisfactory. However, team principal of The Silver Arrows, Martin Whitmarsh, said his team is already showing signs of improvement.

It’s been six races over and McLaren have not even touched the podium once. Either Jenson Button or Sergio Perez often seen less rapid of rider-pabalap other top teams.

Button got this far better results. The British rider finished fifth in the Grand Prix of China – which is the best penapaian so far – and have collected 25 points.

Meanwhile, Perez picked up just 12 points and was a personal best finish in sixth at the Bahrain GP.

“Should we collect more points, but now we’ve been able to get a bit of improvement,” said Whitmarsh.

Whitmarsh said that some of the problems experienced by McLaren, such as braking and traction control systems, has begun to be addressed. He was sure good results will soon be reached.

“We have not shown good performance. BUT, we began to show improvement and the balance of our car was not bad,” he said.