Pregnancy Keeping 1-3 Months

Pregnancy is the greatest gift in the life of a woman. Not all women can
feel pregnant and have children. Some even had to wait a long time to have children.

When you get the gift of pregnancy, you should always keep your pregnancy well. Modern mom to be smart in the care and pregnancy care. Pregnancy itself is divided into three sections: first trimester, second trimester and the last trimester.

Each trimester, we need a different treatment and pregnant women
feel different anyway. Early pregnancy is a particularly vulnerable time for both mother and fetus. Mothers should always Keeping Pregnancy 1-3 months because it will greatly affect how the child and also a good childbirth.

Then how can keep the pregnancy in the early months of running well and healthy? You can maintain nutrition and know the food is good for you.

In the first trimester, mothers were more likely to regurgitate his food back. Mothers often
guilty to regurgitate food back, she does not provide nutrition to the fetus.

My husband will usually panic bandwagon. Mothers should eat a boiled as it will reduce nausea in the first trimester. The second food is french fries. Mom would love to eat fries dipped in chili sauce.

It is great for pregnant women because it will make her feel nauseous. Mom still had to limit it because there is a danger of high cholesterol if potatoes fried in dirty oil.

Third, the mother should eat fresh fruits. Many pieces were made sick. Mom can replace it by a banana. Bananas in addition to the mother early satiety can also be
reduce nausea in early pregnancy. Dates are also very good to eat for mothers who are pregnant young.

Fourth, women can drink coconut water. In early pregnancy, the mother’s days will be full
with activities regurgitate food back. By drinking coconut water, mothers can
reduce nausea and mothers can neutralize toxins in the body.
Many parents say that coconut water is great for your baby smooth.

Fifth, the mother could Keeping Pregnancy 1-3 months by always taking vitamins and also
supplements are very important, especially for women who have a particular disease. Mothers should always check the contents to the doctor early in pregnancy to avoid things that are not desirable.

Sixth, the mother should drink lots of water and do not discriminate because of hard work will make mothers feel tired and make a greater risk of miscarriage. Mothers should always make time for a break during the day.

By always keeping the first trimester of pregnancy, the mother will always be healthy for
undergo periods subsequent trimester. There are some tips to undergo pregnancy can be found in various sources.