Traffic jam. Cars crept like a snail. Though still a long way home. While it’s about time the baby is breastfed. Panic? Do not! Now it’s time you learn to save milk.

Expressing milk

Wear hand
Practical and economical manner. In fact, many mothers feel expressing milk by hand faster than bantu.tentu tool before doing so in a public place, enclosed spaces and comfortable looking.

Before you start flushing, washing hands with soap to clean. Gently massage the breast in a circular motion from the outside toward the central (nipple). Do not touch the nipple.
Put a storage container near the breast milk.
Milking a little milk, then apply on the nipple and areola (the area blackish breast)
Put your thumb and forefinger on the border of the areola at 6 and 12 hours, then apply pressure to the top and bottom without changing the position of the finger in 6-12 hours. Repeat this until the milk flow down, then change the position, for example at 9 and 3 o’clock. Do the same thing on every corner.
Dairy milk from one breast for 5-10 minutes, then move to the other breast for the same time. Repeat again to the first breast, then moved back to the second breast. Do it until there is no more milk dripping.
Spending adequate milk lasts for 20-30 minutes.

Tool wear (pump)
Breast pump (breast pump) is driven manually and electrically. You should buy a breast pump bottles equipped, so that milk comes out directly deposited so kept clean.

Wash your hands and all utensils before pumping breast milk. You should also perform breast massage in a circular motion from the outside toward the central (nipple), and not touching the nipple.
When you work, dairy milk every 2-3 hours.
Storing and serving milk

Storage and presentation of expressed milk can affect the nutritional content, then these skills should be mastered well.

Storing expressed milk

Give the date and time on each container of milk.
If you work, store expressed milk in the fridge. When in the office is not available, take a cool box containing ice-pack.
Do not store the expressed milk at room temperature for more than 6 hours.
After I got home immediately store the milk in the fridge (refrigerator section) in 4oC. Do not get frozen.
If you would like to be given breast milk over 24 hours, for example, two days later, store the milk in the freezer with a temperature of about-18oC. Milk that has been frozen can be kept for three months.
Presenting expressed milk

When you want to warm the milk, use a bowl filled with warm water. Replace the water when it is cold.
Never heat the milk with the microwave or boiling water. In addition to destroying the immune substances in breast milk, it also can cause hot spots that can “burn” the tongue of the baby.
Why mothers expressing milk her?

Work outside the home and the office location away from home.
Forced to leave the child at home in a little while.
ASI abound. Unfortunately, if discarded?
Prevent engorgement.
Stimulates milk production. The more milk removed, the more it gets.