SONY Introduces Xperia Series T, V & A

A few days before the IFA was held, Sony announced three new series of Xperia those who reportedly is the development of the design of the Xperia arc. The third hero is T Xperia, Xperia Xperia V and J, of course, by bringing the benefits of each are interesting to observe. Some sources give different specifications we have to wait until the actual data presented to you.

Starting from Xperia T, this series has a 4.6 inch screen with 720p HD resolution. The screen is coated glass Shatter-proof and scratch-resistant so it is safe if you take it in a pocket with keys and coins though.

His brain is powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 dual-core Krait CPU speed 1.5GHz, 1GB RAM supported and Adreno 225 GPU, and battery 1.850mAh.

Xperia T camera feels special because it has a full 13MP resolution with flash, front camera plus 720p HD. The video can be recorded course is Full HD 1080p, and the results can be accommodated on the available 16GB of internal memory. If less, there is an upgrade option via microSD.

SONY Xperia T has dimensions of 129.4 × 67.3 × 9.35mm with a unique hollow body is sexy. Weight is also just 139g. This smartphone will be launched in two versions namely LTE and HSPA +. Whether this is good or bad news for you, because the Xperia T microSIM card used to be able to use the mobile network.

One feature that favored Xperia T is One touch that will utilize NFC technology to sync smartphones with similar technology that supports the speaker. And one more cool: James Bond will be using this device in his latest film, Skyfall!

T Xperia Xperia TX has a twin that is dedicated to the Asian market. Some of the specifications are identical, except for the dimensions 131 × 68.6 × 8.6 mm and weighs just 127 grams 12 grams lighter alias. However, the capacity of the battery used is also reduced, which 1.750mAh. No further information on pricing and availability.

Next comes the name Xperia V. Although at first glance look similar, but if you look in detail, there are differences with the Xperia T. 129x65x10.7mm dimensions and weighs 120g, the Xperia V also looks special with slenderness and elegant design.

V Xperia screen has a width of 4.3 inches with a resolution of 720p HD – specs are similar to the rest of the Xperia T. Just look at Qualcomm S4 processor with 1.5GHz speed dual core Krait, Adreno 225 GPU and 1GB of RAM. While the capacity of the battery itself 1.750mAh.

But Xperia V has more advantages and privileges in various fields thanks to the extreme durability that comes IP57 certified – with this beautiful design, who would have thought? Take a dip Xperia V for 30 meters in a water depth of 1 meter? Not a problem! While diving, you can take pictures underwater scenic beauty both 13MP resolution photos and Full HD 1080p video. Everything can be stored in the internal memory or the microSD 8GB.

The latter will likely be the most affordable. SONY Xperia J has dimensions 124.3x61x9.2mm – at least a third thinner than his brother, and weighs 130g. Although the screen is “only” a 4 inch FWVGA resolution, but it is equipped with Gorilla Glass, no less formidable.

Brain Xperia J entrusted to a single-core Scorpion processor speed 1GHz with 512MB RAM and support for 4GB of internal memory and battery capacity 1.750mAh. If the internal memory is insufficient to store the photos 5MP or VGA video that resulted, as usual, you can add it via microSD. Our predictions, Xperia J will be released to the market at a price of Rp 3 million. All three devices are bringing Android ICS, but there is no information whether it can be upgraded to Jelly Bean or not.

Which do you choose?