Using Positive Activity Baby Gym

Baby gym is one of the tools to learn and exercise at the earliest for your baby. Able to stimulate baby’s sensory and motor. Now on the market, available in a variety of models and price levels.

Why is important to have a baby gym? You need to stimulate the baby early. With this toy, baby 3-6 months, can obtain sensory and motor stimulation in the form of fun. The baby will be able to auditory stimulation of various sounds and music. There are twinkling lights to stimulate captivating eyes. Also there is a button that can be achieved by the child with his hands and feet to train hand-eye coordination-foot.

A variety of additional accessories. Suit your taste and your pocket, you can chose which baby could be taken during travel, or that looks rather large and ideally for use at home. Select also has a variety of bright colors that attract baby play spirit honed. Rattle or rattles to stimulate auditory skills and fingers also become mandatory accessories baby gym is good. Soft toys in all shapes and colors as well so accessories are generally in this tool.

Time. Usually age “0 +” or “3 +” stamped on the packaging of baby gym. Choose according to the stages of baby’s development. Age 3-6 months is most fitting to be introduced baby gym. Among other things, because the baby has begun to respond to the conditions around them. He also began to focus his eyes smart. Begin to see things you’re trying to move the toy around . If to the right or to the side, his eyes have started to follow the direction of the movement. He was also able to grab objects that caught his attention. At the age of 6 months, when the weight increases, and he has begun to move, you should begin to provide that support impulse toy baby to toddler. Baby gym usually does not fit anymore so the tools the game and could not hold his weight when he started learning to stand.

Friends playing. You as a parent must accompany play. Although this tool is definitely a baby so very busy. You can create noises as she explores skills with this tool. In addition, of course, your job is to ensure the safety of the baby play.

Safety of toys. Should choose the guaranteed quality baby gym, especially since this is a toy for the baby. You have to make sure the fabric is safe to put a baby into the mouth, as well as sounds that are produced do not make babies surprised. Always check the condition of the battery, as there are products that use it to produce light, sound and music.

How to wear baby gym:

Put your baby with supine position on the mat baby gym
Shake the toy until reads
Help baby hands to grab toys located thereon until reads