Want Fuel Efficient Motor? Follow These Tips!

Lately, motorists are faced with the shadow of rising fuel prices. No need to worry because the least efficient fuel consumption is not because of cheap oil alone, but also the treatment of the vehicle itself.

The following tips:

1. Heat the engine has become a ritual. But most of the motorcycle can be ridden injection technology instantly after power on. If you believe a motorcycle performance does not go down, then immediately step better. It was faster than the engine heats dumping fuel when heated in a stationary condition.

2. One of the most effective, maintain air pressure. Find the recommended pressure commonly attached to a motorcycle or vehicle manual. Right tire pressure not only save fuel, but also improve control.

3. Performance motorcycle would be good if the engine well maintained. Understand that the air filter is clean, fresh spark plugs, fuel filter free of dirt, and a nice suit very big role in save fuel. Do this.

4. Focus maintains a constant speed. Pull the lever slowly and do not hit the gas, especially gas menggeber-Geber. Posing speeding, but in the future would misfire, fuel will only be in vain.

5. Think of it like this: the speed limit on the road was created not only to curb the police, but also save fuel. Pull the gas is bad and causes much explosiveness as increased adrenaline rushing. However, fuel is much more wasteful guaranteed.

6. Weight definitely affects fuel consumption. Reduce unnecessary additional components. For example, the box on the right-left-behind. If there is no content, why should be fitted to wear to work? Attach only when needed, such as touring.

7. Aerodynamics are important. Wherever possible waste of equipment that makes the wind “hit” loud motorcycles, such as wind shield (windshield) are perpendicular. Try installing the aerodynamic wind shield, if necessary, its position is not too high.

8. Drive on the right road (asphalt). Many motorcycle impatient with taking a dirt road next to it, or even just broken up pavement to overtake two or three other vehicles and pedestrians expense. Vain. Believe that the path is not smooth add fuel consumption.

Congratulations drive efficient, comfortable, and safe.