Why your dog barks when strangers at the door

One of the reasons for your puppy barks by instinct transmitted by the ancestors of gray wolves about 15,000 years ago. Currently, your puppy is involved in this kind of territorial barking when she feels a stranger approaches his package “cave” (in this case at home). Not surprisingly, it can be incredibly habit in your puppy, which makes it a good guard dog, then this is probably not something you want to stop completely.
The dilemma is when your puppy barks at the approach of factor or a friend of the family and not quit.
If your puppy is the first to warn someone at the door, it is best to let them know that you have received the warning of an animal that was warm and verbal indication of approval, Both of you have this (which is probably some variation on “good dog” to be). At this point, stop barking. If this is not the case, use a short command such as “stop” or provided “no more” strong and solid, but not angry.
As with most courses, you will need to return to the control of positive reinforcement when your puppy obeys you. It might take some time to stop your puppy barking and reinforce behaviors that you praise or a treat. But eventually it stop barking, and once it is silent as short as a few seconds to throw on the reward.
But even if this happens, the individual is outside waiting for someone to open the door, creates this type of training rather impractical for use on foreign approaching. One strategy is to get over the, a friend volunteered to play abroad in a deliberately planned exercise. Did you call your approach strangers ringing home and for you and your puppy wait inside.
If your puppy starts to bark to thank her. If she continues to bark, give the command “Stop!” shut up and wait until it does. If your puppy barks, stop praise and a treat. Then, away from the door, you have to ring your “foreign” and start the process again.
Until then, the end of several repetitions, you have your puppy to respond much more quickly to “Stop!” Order. To do this, for several days, and your puppy need to understand to be silent for a few seconds. Their foreign volunteers spend a great deal of outside exercise date, which is why you want a particular patient friend help you with this game and you will definitely want to do it in good weather!