Be careful, Allergy Drug Consumption Can Make Fat

Allergies can occur in anyone, even into adulthood are still many people who do not realize that if he has allergies. Do you have allergies? If yes, you should be wary because a new study reveals that allergies and weight have interdependent relationships.

When allergy recurrence, most patients will take medication to eliminate the effects of allergies. But actually this way has the side effect to the body. In August 2010, researchers from Yale University published in the journal Obesity that people who take allergy medications such as antihistamines regularly higher weight than who do not eat.

This data is taken from The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC’s) National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey from 2005 to 2006 to compare the weight of 867 adults with antihistamine use them. The most commonly used drug in this study is a type of cetirizine, zyrtec and fexofenadine. But researchers caution that the study is observational and can not really show whether the use of antihistamines cause weight gain in people with allergies.

Another study by the same CDC data in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology in 2009 found that the number of people with allergies, especially food allergies, more numerous in obese children compared with children of normal weight.

“From these results, it remains unclear how exactly the relationship between the two, whether obesity causes allergies or not,” said Cynthia Visness, Ph.D., lead author and research scientist at Rho Inc.

But unfortunately, not a lot of literature that describes how the relationship between obesity and allergies, so the explanation that there could only be seen from the results of these 2 studies.

“Inflammation can also be triggers. Fat cells release cytokines, chemicals that cause inflammation, and allergies also trigger inflammation. So people with high levels of inflammation in their bodies tend to experience these two conditions,” said Visness.

Another theory from Yale University study stated that histamine, which is a nerve conductor when there is contact with allergens, has a role in regulating appetite. Research on mice suggests histamine reduces appetite, while antihistamines increase appetite.

Therefore, researchers believe it is possible if you take an antihistamine in the long run will make you eat more. Some antihistamines substances used even as an appetite stimulant in children.

How to Eliminate Gray Hair in Chief

Have you seen the people who are young but they have a lot of gray hair, or do you have one yourself? Gray hair is a natural thing happens as we age-old or older. But when I was young and growing gray hair, the first step is to remove the gray hair. Typically, gray hair appeared in the elderly because melanin production begins to decline. Metabolism to produce pigments have started slow or even cease to exist. There are people who are old but not gray or just show up a little, but some are still young but his hair was gray all due to genetic factors. If not a lot of gray hair though it was old, meaning the formation of pigment metabolism does not last long.
Many young age that currently have gray hair caused them much thought. Actually, gray hair can be caused by genetic factors or error when use shampoo. Type of shampoo that contains high sulfur will accelerate the process of growth of gray hair though young age. Actually eliminate gray hair can not be done thoroughly because gray hair can not be treated. If the cause is genetic factors, which can be done just dyed her hair. Better not pull out gray hair, because it will reduce the number of hairs. Continue reading “How to Eliminate Gray Hair in Chief”

Tips to Make Natural Red Lips

Do you often wonder how to make a rosy lips without using lipstick? Excessive use of lipstick can cause lip color to black and difficult to remove. The black color is due to the use of lipstick on the lips over time will continue to grow if you do not stop. An effective way is to reduce the use of lipstick. You can use natural ingredients to get flushed lip color without the use of lipstick. Many natural ingredients that can be used to make natural red lips.
Actually, when you brush your teeth, you can brush your lips gently to the left and right to make natural red lips. But do not do this repeatedly so that the lips are not scratched by toothbrush. Additionally consume fruits and vegetables and drink water at least 8 glasses a day. Such as tomatoes, fruit can also be used to create a natural red lips. Cut the tomatoes in half, then rub a slice of tomato to her lips. Let stand for 15 minutes. Do this treatment regularly 2-3 times a day for a week. Tomatoes also can heal sores and chapped lips quickly. The content of vitamin C in tomatoes provide necessary nutrients your lips. Continue reading “Tips to Make Natural Red Lips”

This is the content of Mandatory in Isotonic Drinks

In any job, whether stationary or moving human will remove fluid from the body. Therefore, the body must stay hydrated. However, in some specific activity or work was issued electrolyte human body, this is what causes the body to become limp when dehydrated.

But not to worry, there is now a range of isotonic drinks with different brands and flavors, customized live alone. However, according to Dr. Michael Triangto, SpKO there are several components in these beverages that must be considered.

There is a composition that need to be considered include carbohydrates should exist, besides sodium chloride and also need to be considered. If there is glucose only be around 6-8 percent, said the doctor this sport.

Doctor who also practiced at hospitals. Mitra Kemayoran is also clear that isotonic drinks in various flavors that do not matter. But no good if it is too sweet.

The sweet taste of fruit or just download drives us to want to drink it, but if it is too sweet, the performance will go down, he explained. Decline in performance would clearly interfere with one’s productivity, especially for those working in the field.

Loss of body fluids with electrolytes in it is known to cause headaches, heart palpitations, numbness and many more. Now, therefore keep balance with isotonic drinks are just as necessary.

Choosing The Right Lipstick Color

Lipstick can make your appearance look good or even destroy your appearance. Because the lip is a beautiful part of the face is also one of the main supporting facial beauty of a woman then you should be able to choose the right lipstick color. The beauty of a woman’s lips depends on the choice of lip color and suitability to shape one’s lips. Lip color also can signify a person’s mood can even make someone look more refreshed and energetic. So lips look fresh and charming you’ll want to choose the right lipstick color so as not to interfere with your performance.
Choosing your lip color a little lighter than the lip color you can use in all situations. For dark-skinned women, a dark purple color is more suitable adorn their lips. To clean facial skin choose a lipstick that is not shiny. Purple lipstick color look good on women with bright red hair and light skin tone. You who have a glowing skin tone should wear softer shades of lavender and lilac. But if you have a darker skin tone, you can choose the color of purple orchids. Continue reading “Choosing The Right Lipstick Color”

Things you need to know before making yourself a parrot

With a parrot at home is fun because it can mimic sounds and voices. Children enjoy playing with these parrots love birds. But parrots additional information are not always pleasant and easy to handle, especially if you are not in animal husbandry.
There are things that should be considered first, before you decide to buy one. Go through the article and think you curious about it. These birds are very expensive, so if you make a purchase, you must take care of it.
A. Parrots can be very noisy
You can celebrate your parrot imitation, but after a while, it will be recognized because it can be a boring non-stop noise at home from your own pet. If you want peace and quiet in your home, do not appeal to parrots. They produce no noise like the sound of some birds make. And over the parrot, the sound it produces.
Parrots are able to scream so loud, you’d be surprised how hard it is, you can clearly hear screaming neighbors at least twice a day. All the tears can reach 5 to 15 minutes. Continue reading “Things you need to know before making yourself a parrot”

4 Facts About Business Email and threat

In the easy-paced era, as now, many things can be done easily, quickly and on the go (mobile). One is the business. Yes, the business can be carried anywhere easily and quickly. Affairs of his correspondence can be done using email. The intensity of email usage today is very sharp increase with increasing gadget with email features like tablets and smartphones.

The logical consequence of the increasing use of tablets and smartphones for business is the email traffic is very dense. If the first person to use a computer from the office or at home for business, wherever they are now in business to do so as an email exchange very intense.

But one thing is worrying, intensity and density exchange data using business email like this, either using a PC, tablet or smartphone has fueled growth and development of spam and malware. Spam and malware are now a threat to business email .
Continue reading “4 Facts About Business Email and threat”

Operations in RS’s, Patient Perhaps Choose: Stunning Total or Watch Movies

In order not to feel pain, most patients will be sedated while undergoing surgery total. However, because such drug has side effects, a hospital offers another option that is a local anesthetic in order to relax while watching a movie.

Peterborough City Hospital, a hospital in the UK offers the option for orthopedic patients especially the elderly. This option is offered because elderly patients are more susceptible to the adverse effects of high-powered drugs.

By providing only a local anesthetic, the doctors could reduce the side effects that may be experienced by the patient. As for the increasingly drown her pain, patients are welcome to watch the film to be more relaxed so that the pain distracted.

“Patients really relax while watching a favorite movie. Several patients told us, very interesting TV shows that are not aware of the operation is over,” said Dr Richard Griffiths, consultant orthopedic at the hospital.

Said Dr Griffiths, one of the patients watching the musical Sound of Music while undergoing hip surgery. Other patients watch a documentary on BBC channels, the series The Blue Planet while undergoing surgery to correct a knee.

Iris Quirol (75 years) from Peterborough was recorded as the first patient to avail the option of local anesthesia when surgery while watching movies. Patients undergoing hip fracture and needed surgery to fix cracks-cracks.

Reason Quirol choose local anesthesia was because he had experienced adverse reactions when given general anesthesia. No mention of what happened to the reaction, but it is said that he was quite traumatized that does not want to undergo a similar process of anesthesia.

“Dr Griffiths brought my DVD collection to choose from and I chose The Sound of Music. Earphones I used to be able to hear his voice, but once I stopped watching for a conversation with Dr. Griffiths,” recalls Quirol who said he was satisfied with the offer of a movie moment operation.

Eliminate Underarm Hair Removal Tips

Many women feel uncomfortable with the hair on their legs and underarms. Especially underarm hair for most women is something that should be eliminated in order to look more perfect. Many ways to remove underarm hair either naturally or with drugs that can be purchased at cosmetic stores. Women are generally more diligent in eliminating underarm hair than men. There are many ways to remove underarm hair easily and safely.
Some ways underarm hair removal is shaving, waxing, underarm hair busting drugs, electrolisation  and other natural materials. Shaving is effective and easy to eliminate your underarm hair. In addition to easy, underarm shaving did not spend a lot of money but it will make shaving your armpit hair black and will quickly grow back the next day. Hair will grow faster because it shaves so you must be diligent to shave her armpits. Continue reading “Eliminate Underarm Hair Removal Tips”

Ways and Tips for Successful Living

Success is a condition that is easy to imagine but difficult to implement and achieve. Success is very wonderful to imagine, but very few people would actually seriously realize that success of the space fantasy into reality.

Therefore, this review will help add insight and tricks as well as how to success in life is. Although everything is not as easy to get started flipping hand, but everything to do with the maximum. Life success no longer a mere fantasy in the mind, but also ultimately be realized in reality.

The process of finding the road to success will also be instrumental in supporting the existence of tips along the way towards a successful life. When life successfully been achieved, then the happiness and life success be embodied in it. Everything requires a process accompanied by patience and efforts are maximized.