Everton apologize for the change of logo

Everton has apologized to his fans after more than 22, 000 people signed a petition criticizing the contents of the club’s new logo.

Everton club motto is in Latin, the “Nil Satis, Nisi Optimum” – which means “there is nothing better than the best” – and fruit wreaths have been omitted from the design of a new logo.

In the petition, the fanatical Everton supporter threatened not to buy the merchandise that had been a one-on-one financial inputs club.

Everton said management has apologized for not talking about the logo change to his fans.

“We’re sorry, we did not ask for any Evertonian (Everton fan) about something so important.”

not altered
Even so, they declared the new logo still use it “as part of the modernization process of the club”.

Organizers said the English Premier League, Everton’s new logo will be used during the season 2013/14 later.

In the early days of its founding, the form of writing EFC Everton logo white shield with a blue background.

On his way, namely in 1938, the new logo insert symbols Tower Prince Rupert, and the two wreaths replace EFC letters.

In the same year, the motto Nil Satis, Nisi Optimum is also included under the shield, although it was never shown in costume players until 1978.

But in 1982, the motto was removed before being added back when done redesign in 1991.

Flying car ready for sale in the Market

Errafugia, car manufacturers from Massachusetts, United States, producing cars car aka flying car that can fly. Car named Transition is ready to be launched in 2015.

This car is shaped like the head of the plane with half sedan, half jet. Four wheels like most cars, but the size is smaller than the wheels of the car in general. Additionally, there are two wings that can be folded.

Last year, when tested, this car can fly for 8 minutes at an altitude of 1,400 feet or about 470 meters. However, for the issue of a commercial product, this car is able to fly up to a height of 35 thousand feet or about 12 thousand feet and a distance of 500 km.

Transition capacity of four passengers. To take off, the car needs a runway approximately 100 meters. Although the shape is just like a winged car, this car is not like the price of the car in general. Flying car is priced at U.S. $ 300 thousand, or nearly $ 3 billion. This car will be sold into the market in 2015.

However, had the money not be able to drive this car. Transition pocketed driver must be at least 20 hours of flying experience. If you want a car that does not need a fly runway, Terrafugia will also create a series of TF-X. The flying car can take off vertically like a helicopter. With this car, you can escape from the congestion and immediately taking off.

However, TF-X series has not been tested. The price is also not yet known. Terrafugia will be developed within a period of 8 to 12 years

2 Months After Honda Launches New Scooter

Just as Honda in Indonesia, Honda Motorcycle and Scooters India (HMSI) also has aggressive plans to launch new products.

Although time delay the launch of Honda CB, Honda India plans to strengthen skutiknya market. Reportedly Honda will launch 125cc scooter in India.

The plan was to come from the far-away days but this time reportedly more widely and is planned to be rolled in the next 2 months and will be a mainstay of Honda scooters in India.

Despite what the scooter will be taken is not clear but most likely it is a scooter that scooter has been launched in Vietnam. Yes Honda Lead name.

Honda Lead will be equipped with liquid-cooled engine 1 cylinder capacity of 125cc which is capable of spewing power 12 BHP. This scooter also has to get the PGM-FI technology.

Honda Lead will get good roles in India, for which the people want a scooter that has a good performance. A case in point is the Suzuki Access and Swish both of which have won the hearts of consumers in India.

Going forward, Honda will also compete Piaggio Vespa in India, which is the most expensive scooter in India today. Future Piaggio Vespa scooters will be more launches in India, it will be a tough competition between Honda and Piaggio.

Video Game NBA Live 13 Clear Released

I wonder what happened with EA and their basketball franchise games. After going through the development process that takes a long time, EA has always ended in bad news when it comes to the basketball game franchise – NBA Live.

Not just delayed the release, this failure may even lead to the cancellation of the release as a whole. Had been on NBA Elite 11 and let the series competitors – NBA 2K11 dominate the market for granted, EA re-make the same mistake this year. Had a pretty good show progress, EA is coming up with a bad news. Some information confirmed that the release of EA canceling NBA Live 13.

In the official website – the executive vice president, Andrew Wilson admitted that EA failed to meet the high expectations of what they want for the latest NBA Live series. This is evident from the animated movements and poor AI in the demo that was shown off some by the EA itself. Continue reading “Video Game NBA Live 13 Clear Released”

Kids Hope To parents

Nowadays more rare parents who want to spend time together as a family due to busy work, consequently the parents only focused on children’s behavior and not the behavior that we have. Why not look at your behavior from the perspective of children?

In a survey of 100,000 children in the capital, what they most want from their parents? Here are 10 answers that can be used as an evaluation for parents:

Children want their parents do not fight in front of them

Children tend to do what their parents do, not on what they say. How do you resolve these differences?

Do you not agree to see your child fights? attack others or defend themselves? Be careful when parents do that, then the children will learn how to manage anger and resolve conflicts in a way that parents demonstrated. Continue reading “Kids Hope To parents”

Enjoy Galaxy Note 2 Feels Desktop PC

Good news for you users of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. Have attended an additional accessories that are specifically made by Samsung, called Smart Dock. So what is the function of these accessories?

Reporting from GSMArena, Smart Dock can make the Galaxy Note 2 that you have into a desktop PC or a media center just by putting it into the dock phablet.

Smart Dock has plenty of ports on each of its sides. The function of these ports is a keyboard port, HDMI port, mouse port, and the port for the speaker. The ports that already exist are going to be used as a link between the Galaxy Note 2 to the monitor, keyboard, mouse, and speakers. So be a desktop PC.

Desktop PC is fairly remarkable. With various specifications owned by Galaxy Note 2 as quad-core processor and 2GB of RAM, of course, will give better performance when compared to a desktop PC-style in general.
Continue reading “Enjoy Galaxy Note 2 Feels Desktop PC”

Bayern Munich’s most expensive club in the world

After the resounding Champions League, Bayern Munich is now crowned as the most expensive football club in the world with a value of U.S. $ 860 million.

According to a ranking compiled this BrandFinance Bayern score higher than Manchester United, who had to settle for second place this year.

English club, based in Old Trafford is estimated to be worth U.S. $ 837 million.

Three and four positions respectively occupied by Real Madrid and Barcelona, each with a value of U.S. $ 621 million and U.S. $ 572.

Two Premier League clubs, Chelsea and Arsenal is ranked five and six with a value of U.S. $ 418 and U.S. $ 410.

Success in Europe
United’s closest competitor in the last two seasons, Manchester City are in eighth place with a value of U.S. $ 332.

Completing the top ten most valuable football club in the world is AC Milan and the finalists of this year’s Champions League, Borussia Dortmund.

BrandFinance compiling this list, among others, based on several criteria, among which is the club’s income, the overall value of the player, and ranked European football federation, UEFA.

Head of valuation BrandFinance, Dave Chattaway, said the success of Bayern Munich club achievements reflect the journey, from the stage to the domestic dominance of European football.

“The success in the Champions League to make this club more known globally,” said Chattaway.

“Now their challenge to use this opportunity to strengthen their brand of football all over the world,” he said.

‘McLaren Shows Start Repair’

McLaren performances this season is still far from satisfactory. However, team principal of The Silver Arrows, Martin Whitmarsh, said his team is already showing signs of improvement.

It’s been six races over and McLaren have not even touched the podium once. Either Jenson Button or Sergio Perez often seen less rapid of rider-pabalap other top teams.

Button got this far better results. The British rider finished fifth in the Grand Prix of China – which is the best penapaian so far – and have collected 25 points.

Meanwhile, Perez picked up just 12 points and was a personal best finish in sixth at the Bahrain GP.

“Should we collect more points, but now we’ve been able to get a bit of improvement,” said Whitmarsh.

Whitmarsh said that some of the problems experienced by McLaren, such as braking and traction control systems, has begun to be addressed. He was sure good results will soon be reached.

“We have not shown good performance. BUT, we began to show improvement and the balance of our car was not bad,” he said.

Fastest Cars of Universal Enliven Transformers 4

Your automotive enthusiasts as well as lovers of movie robots. Nah, not least from the movie Fast and Furious 6 movie Transformers 4 also show a lot of powerful cars and super. Film vibrantly Transformers 4 seems to be enlivened latest cars. Unmitigated fastest car universal Bugatti Grand Sport Vitesse that will enliven the new movie Transformers.

In addition to the super car Bugatti Grand Sport Vitesse American car Corvette Stingray C7 will also contribute to enliven the film featuring robots live on the big screen which will be released on June 20, 2014. Transformers 4 will begin suting this summer, where the two cars will be incarnated as a robot Autobot hero to keep the earth from destruction.

Both cars will join the bumblebee, played by Chevy Camaro.¬†There has been no explanation manifestation robot of two cars in a film made by Michael Bay’s. But the rumored movie Transformers 4 will get better when the director will change the shape of Optimus Prime as well as add new players Mark Wahlberg as a replacement for Shia LaBeouf.

Samsung Ativ S: GALAXY SIII taste of Windows Phone

Smartphones based on Windows operating system is not the old stuff to Samsung, it is no wonder they became the first to announce smart phone Windows Phone 8 to the public. Still following the Ativ series, Samsung’s latest Windows smartphone called Ativ S and designed to the specifications is enough to make us dazzled.

First, the Windows Phone 8 features a Super AMOLED screen measuring 4.8 inches – the same as GALAXY SIII – HD 720p resolution and a layer of Gorilla Glass. Despite the large size, but Ativ S has a thickness of only 8.7 mm only with the material body of brushed aluminum that looks pretty. As with their Android smartphone, Samsung includes a physical button in the center, just below the screen

For business performance, Samsung includes a dual core processor speed of 1.5 GHz and 1 GB RAM. It is not yet clear if this processor using Samsung’s own Exynos chip or not. Complementing these premium specification, there is an 8MP camera with a resolution on the back, while the front of the Samsung includes a 1.9 MP camera. Continue reading “Samsung Ativ S: GALAXY SIII taste of Windows Phone”