Ageless key: Do not Ever Feel Old

Age is really just numbers numbers. Parents may look young and vice versa, depending on whether they give a damn about that number or not. Moreover a new study has found someone to look old if he feels or thinks he is old.

In addition, the study says people who consider themselves old and frail will be more reluctant perform activities that can help him look younger like socializing and exercising regularly.

Conversely, people who have a positive attitude and considers himself not as old as that would actually be more likely to continue to take part in activities that will help them to stay fit and be vigilant.

Krystal Warmoth researchers from the University of Exeter, UK believed that if an adult who considers himself an old and decrepit then they will be more likely to behave like the elderly.

This conclusion is obtained after interviewing 29 elderly Warmoth in southwestern England to ask their experience when facing the aging process.

From there, researchers found that the attitudes of participants can make him lose interest in participating in the social and physical activity, deteriorating health conditions and decreased quality of life.

“If someone thinks that they are old and fragile, then they will behave like the old and frail,” Warmoth node as reported by the Daily Mail, Thursday (18/04/2013).

Not only that, Warmoth also find that there will be a cycle of decline whereby when one considers himself fragile then it will tend to break away from activities that are (supposedly) can reduce the tendency of physical frailty such as sports. As a result, they will become brittle and more likely to have a poor quality of life.

“In other words, this study provides insight into how the role of psychological factors on the health and activity levels in older adults,” said Warmoth.