Anticancer Compound in Cabbage

Many ways we can take to implement a natural healthy way of life. Do you know if the cabbage contains anticancer compound? If you are in doubt eat cabbage, you should start paying attention. In America, one in five deaths is caused by cancer.

Data from the American Cancer Society show that cancer deaths in women are dominated by breast cancer (19%), lung cancer (16%), and colon and rectum (15%). Meanwhile, in men, the dominant cancer as the cause of death was lung cancer (34%), cancer of the colon and rectum (12%), and prostate cancer (10%).

In epidemiological studies, high fat diet showed a strong link with the appearance of colon cancer and breast cancer. It is known that a low fat and high fiber consumption, such as a vegetarian diet, the low incidence of cancer. Tumorigenesis will be growing at a low dietary polyunsaturated fats.

Certain hormones may contribute to the emergence of tumor beranggung responsibility. Spending hormone is triggered by the consumption of high fat. For example, it turns out the hormone prolactin (serum) that stimulates tumor growth increased if we eat foods that are rich in fat.

There is a possibility that the food contains the cause or prevention of cancer as well. The extent to which the balance between the two components is achieved will determine whether we are at risk of cancer or not. Instructions nutrition of the Committee on Diet, Nutrition, and Cancer USA following can be practiced to reduce the risk, namely:

Reduce fat intake from 40% to 30%.
Increase consumption of vegetables and fruit.
Reduce food preservation and smoked foods.
Reduce smoking.
Avoid alcoholic beverages.

Chances are, alcohol acts as a cause of cancer through various channels. First, directly, alcohol can be toxic to cells. Secondly, alcohol can be a vehicle for carrying co-carcinogens. Third, alcohol causes immune system disorders. Scientific evidence of alcohol as a direct cause of cancer is still in doubt. However, it seems, is no doubt that alcohol can be a promoter of the tumorigenesis.

All belonging to the cabbage cruciferous group. The group known as sulforaphane and indoles content is efficacious as anticancer. Research on indoles prove his mendeaktivasi estrogen metabolites that cause tumors, particularly in breast cells. At the same time, indoles improve certain compounds that are protective against cancer.

In addition to suppressing the growth of tumor cells, the greatness of indoles contained in the family, which includes kubi is able to reduce the process of metastatic cancer cells. Metastasis is the movement of cancer cells to other parts of the body, resulting in the spread of tumor cells.

Meanwhile other content cabbage, sulforaphane role in improving the role of enzymes responsible for detoxifying or neutralizing toxins. With the optimal detoxification, cancer-causing carcinogenic substances can be more quickly removed.