Anticancer Compound in Cabbage

Many ways we can take to implement a natural healthy way of life. Do you know if the cabbage contains anticancer compound? If you are in doubt eat cabbage, you should start paying attention. In America, one in five deaths is caused by cancer.

Data from the American Cancer Society show that cancer deaths in women are dominated by breast cancer (19%), lung cancer (16%), and colon and rectum (15%). Meanwhile, in men, the dominant cancer as the cause of death was lung cancer (34%), cancer of the colon and rectum (12%), and prostate cancer (10%).

In epidemiological studies, high fat diet showed a strong link with the appearance of colon cancer and breast cancer. It is known that a low fat and high fiber consumption, such as a vegetarian diet, the low incidence of cancer. Tumorigenesis will be growing at a low dietary polyunsaturated fats.

Certain hormones may contribute to the emergence of tumor beranggung responsibility. Spending hormone is triggered by the consumption of high fat. For example, it turns out the hormone prolactin (serum) that stimulates tumor growth increased if we eat foods that are rich in fat.

There is a possibility that the food contains the cause or prevention of cancer as well. The extent to which the balance between the two components is achieved will determine whether we are at risk of cancer or not. Instructions nutrition of the Committee on Diet, Nutrition, and Cancer USA following can be practiced to reduce the risk, namely:

Reduce fat intake from 40% to 30%.
Increase consumption of vegetables and fruit.
Reduce food preservation and smoked foods.
Reduce smoking.
Avoid alcoholic beverages.

Chances are, alcohol acts as a cause of cancer through various channels. First, directly, alcohol can be toxic to cells. Secondly, alcohol can be a vehicle for carrying co-carcinogens. Third, alcohol causes immune system disorders. Scientific evidence of alcohol as a direct cause of cancer is still in doubt. However, it seems, is no doubt that alcohol can be a promoter of the tumorigenesis.

All belonging to the cabbage cruciferous group. The group known as sulforaphane and indoles content is efficacious as anticancer. Research on indoles prove his mendeaktivasi estrogen metabolites that cause tumors, particularly in breast cells. At the same time, indoles improve certain compounds that are protective against cancer.

In addition to suppressing the growth of tumor cells, the greatness of indoles contained in the family, which includes kubi is able to reduce the process of metastatic cancer cells. Metastasis is the movement of cancer cells to other parts of the body, resulting in the spread of tumor cells.

Meanwhile other content cabbage, sulforaphane role in improving the role of enzymes responsible for detoxifying or neutralizing toxins. With the optimal detoxification, cancer-causing carcinogenic substances can be more quickly removed.

Suzuki Will Not Sloppy Faced Cheap Car

Basically carmaker Sakura country was keen on cheap car program initiated by the Indonesian government with LCGC program. Suzuki also announced it had been so ready in offering car LCGCnya rules when it came right down already. Is Endro Nugroho, 4W Sales Director PT Suzuki Indomobil that explains the issue publicly a few days ago.

Saying, that the Suzuki camp will not be hasty to show cheap cars that they have. With a sense in which the model and spec new car will it show on the face khalayah if true laws fuel-efficient cars actually been issued. And kubunga also feel confident if these regulations will not be unveiled in the second week, so there are many steps that must be traversed even been signed by the President.

About ability, his camp repeatedly expressed very sure if Suzuki has participated in the program. Not just for vehicles to be marketed, but also the readiness of the facilities, support to the maximization of service to meet the buyer’s satisfaction later.

Porsche Tigers Appear in Final Year

Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) future Porsche whose name is taken from Indonesian, Porsche Tigers will finally officially disclosed. Possible production version of this car will be exhibited at the end of this year.

Porsche Tiger is one of the cars of the future Porsche that will be the backbone of Porsche in the world. This is the sister car of Porsche Cayenne that was built from MLB platform. The same platform used by the Audi Q5.

Porsche will show the possibility of the Tigers in the event the LA Motor Show in November 2013 before the sale is made in 2014.

The car that will be produced in Leipzig, Germany is taking the name ‘Tiger’ of Indonesian. Tigers selected as representative elements of flexibility, strength, attractiveness and dynamics that are at the core of the new car.

PT Eurokars Artha Utama is a distributor of Porsche cars in Indonesia has also been prepared to bring this car to the archipelago in 2014.

For the price, the Tigers expected to be released starting from 36,000 pounds.

Excellent choice of car rental companies for a picnic

Excellent choice of car rental companies for a picnic:

– Make sure and talk with colleagues and relatives place in what will be approached. Make writing to let excursion exactly what manjadi want. Then give duplicate posts that have been made to the appropriate row driver location will be passed.

– Get the info also about tourist attractions that will be visited through online media or even ask colleagues, so we can predict mileage, hotel and costs that will be used.

– Always apply equally both drivers and also be vigilant in your trip.

– Be sure and specify about money for a trip with driver, fuel contihnya money, parking money, the cost to the sights, driver meal allowance, as well as other tips money at the street. So that it will not be a distraction during the outing.

– Arrange and commitment to the design that we design, take some extra time, to ward off something unexpected at the time the street, rich flat wheels and traffic jam, let the next all locations can be visited by not issuing payment cheap car rental

Honda Super Cub Born Again

As if being the trend to give birth the old motors, the legendary Honda motorcycle, the Super Cub production back into the kitchen. This bike was born back in Thailand at a price of USD 1.300 .

For the enthusiast brand Honda Super Cub can not be ruled out. Therefore, this is the motor that makes the Honda debuted in the two-wheeled world.

There are more than 60 million units of the Honda Super Cub is sold in 160 countries since its birth in 1958 ago.

Looking at the long history of brilliant, Honda Thailand also regenerates this variant. But, although still carrying the old school look, this bike has a modern heart.

Because the four-stroke engine capacity of 110 cc which already apply carburetion system PGM-FI injection used in this motor, coupled with a four-speed transmission. Honda claims that the machine is capable of printing efficiency up to 57 km / liter with emissions stadar Euro6.

It certainly makes the longing back bubbling. Moreover, this motor design lines will always remind us of the old school Honda’s motorcycle. Choice of creamy-white color and blue-white also helped reinforce the impression of retro in this bike.

According to the plan, Honda Thailand will re-sell this bike at the end of May with a tag of 42,000 baht or about USD 1.300 .

Gardening Can Reduce Risk of Obesity

Do not hesitate again for your gardening hobby. According to the research, planting a variety of plants in pots around your home or a special place to reduce the risk of obesity.

In addition to making your body move more, says gardening can also push a person having a more healthy diet, especially if the plant is vegetables and fruits. Gardening is also believed to have a high social benefits for the environment a person has the same hobby. Thus, they can share information and build social relationships.

Researchers from the University of Utah studied 198 people with gardening hobby. They are members of a community gardening in Salt Lake City. They compared the Body Mass Index (BMI) throughout gardener, is calculated by dividing weight (in kilograms) by the square of their height (in centimeters). These results were then compared with a BMI of their neighbors to determine whether the hobby of gardening an impact on the body.

As a result, the average has about 1.84 BMI lower than their neighbors. When grouped according to gender, women gardening has a 46 percent likelihood of obesity is lower compared with its neighbors. While for men the gardening possibilities obesity 62 percent lower.

People with hobbies gardening also have a greater likelihood to have a healthy figure compared to his brother. But not for married couples, because is believed the couple will also feel the benefit of helping to carry out activities in the garden and even contributed to eat vegetables or fruit.

“This preliminary study may give an idea to people that gardening is a valuable asset that can lead them to a healthier lifestyle,” said Prof. Cathleen Zick, leader of the study, as quoted from the Telegraph, Friday (19/04/2013).

“In addition, this course may be to invite local officials to be able to draft a new city to be more healthy citizens,” he added.

After knowing the healthy benefits of gardening, let’s start a healthy lifestyle by trying to make a small garden around your home. That way, you can decrease the risk of obesity.

Who More Often Flatulence, Male or Female?

Flatulence or farting would be experienced by everyone every day, both adults and children. But if a person’s gender affects the frequency fart?

Man is said to have more activity and more densely occupied than women. This condition is often associated with the assumption that men will have more fart frequency when compared with women. But in fact, someone fart frequency is not affected by gender.

“Farts are not influenced by gender male or female. Often or not a person fart more influenced by how the condition of the digestive tract, if the conditions are fine definitely fart every day,” said dr. Ari Fahrial, SpPD, K-GEH, consultant gastrointestinal tract in Mangunkusomo Mangunkusumo Hospital, Jakarta.

Fart sound that often makes ashamed if it appears suddenly also not influenced by gender. According to dr. Ari, whether or not the fart sound more influenced by how the gas accumulated in the channel cernanya. If it is accumulating a lot, then the sound produced by a person will become larger. Conversely, if the gas accumulation in the body then it will be a little less likely to turn up the sound.

“The sound also does not affect a person’s sex men or women. But back again over the cernanya channel conditions. Women are not a lot of activity but certainly good condition intestines frequency will vary with many men but have impaired activity in the gut , “said dr. Ari.

In addition, the frequency of flatus also influenced by the person’s diet, if that day he ate the food or drinks that contain a lot of gas, then surely the frequency of farts more often. According to dr. Ari, can not also be made normal benchmark how many times a person farts in a matter of days.

“The frequency can not be made fart how many times the normal rules. If the person is already a fart every day just to say he has a condition that is quite a healthy digestive system. Thing to remember is how to manage a healthy diet, so that it can help the intestines work,” said Dr.Ari.

Biological Role of Carbohydrates

1. Contribute to the Biosphere

The process of photosynthesis provides food for nearly all life on earth, either directly or indirectly. Organisms autotrophs (can change inorganic substances into organic), such as green plants, bacteria and algae utilize direct result of photosynthesis.

While the majority of heterotrophic organisms (which require organic compounds), including humans, is really very dependent on autotrophs organisms for food.

2. For Fuel and Nutrition

Carbohydrates provide the necessary basic needs of living bodies. For example, glucose (from carbohydrate compounds) which is the main nutrient cells. The body’s cells to absorb glucose and retrieve the stored energy to run the body’s cells. For humans, carbohydrates are a source of nutrients. In one gram of carbohydrates, there is an energy value equal to 4 calories.

3. As an Energy Reserves

Several types of polysaccharides serve as energy reserves. Later in the hydrolysis of reserve energy will for providing sugar to the cells when needed. Starch is a polysaccharide deposits in plants. Plants accumulate starch as granules or granules in the plastid organelles, including chloroplasts.

By synthesizing starch, herbs can pile up excess glucose. Glucose is the main fuel cell, so that the starch is stored energy.

4. As a matter Builders

Organisms building materials stronger than structural polysaccharides. For example, cellulose is a major component of the cell walls of plant cells. Cellulose is like fibers, clay, insoluble in water, and is found mainly in the stalk, stem, branches, and all the woody parts of the plant tissue. Wood is mainly made of other polysaccharides cellulose. For example, hemicellulose, and pectin. Meanwhile, the cotton is made almost entirely of cellulose.

5. As the Regulatory Fat Metabolism

Carbohydrates prevent the oxidation of fats that are not perfect. If enough energy is not available, will result in increased catabolism of fat. As a result, the accumulation of ketone bodies in the blood and occurs acidity.

6. As a saver Protein

Energy is the body’s primary needs. Therefore, if the carbohydrates that come from eating insufficient protein will be modified to produce a certain amount of energy. Though the protein has a primary function as a builder substance of tissue repair. In order to be used according to its function, carbohydrate must be met in the daily menu.

Hii! There is a body left behind at the Ambulance Station currently in

One ambulance The National Health Service (NHS) was damaged on the taillights and into the garage for repair. But there are still bodies left in it. NHS repeatedly apologized for the incident.

Used ambulance is the type commonly used NHS Grampian to transport the bodies to the funeral home. The bodies were discovered by accident by the mechanical workshop will examine current. If only this mechanic does not find the body can remain in the ambulance waiting for days for fixed taillights.

Employees in charge of the ambulance was already given suspension. NHS still required to apologize to the family and the mechanics, and asked to investigate further how this event could well occur.

“Who could have thought to leave the body in the ambulance?’s A very embarrassing incident,” said Margaret Watt, representatives of the Scottish Patients Association.

“Ambulance driver should be really careful and check if there is unfinished business from their work. Bodies can tesebut days are there if the mechanics do not find it,” he continued.

The bodies were found in the hospital in a body bag when the ambulance arrived at the garage AM Phillip. The workshop was reluctant to comment on the incident.

NHS Grampian stated that this incident is very important to be addressed and they have apologized to the family of the body. “We have also contacted the shop and apologized for it. We know it is not easy for the mechanic look at bodies like that,” said a spokeswoman for NHS Grampian.

The spokesperson also added that they actually have strict procedures associated with the work system. He said he realized much needed respect in the care of patients who have died. However, the occurrence of this event indicates the system is not performing well and will be evaluated further.

“We are very sorry and we will take action so that similar incidents do not happen again,” he continued.

Honda CR-Z Sport Hybrid Cars From Honda’s Latest

Honda CR-Z to be one of the vehicle types fueled hybrid sports coupe that can be called home updated this Japanese vehicle manufacturer. When introduced in 2007 as a concept vehicle, Honda CRZ started toward the assembly process at three x 12 months later, certainly in the year ’10. 2 +2 seat arrangement in the form of non sedan format 3 doors make this a sports car look quite tempting.

Initial generation CR-Z equipped with engines 1.5 liters (92 cu in) SOHC, i-VTEC 4-cylinder in line, prepared with hybrid technology from Honda, which dukatakan as Integrated Motor Assist (IMA) with battery Nickel Metal Hydride (Ni-MH) . Transmission is standard tuned 6-speed manual transmission with an option of a continuously variable transmission. All the power that can be generated by the technology collaboration at 122 horsepower or 91 kW and can bring Honda CRZ to sprint from a standstill to 60 mph in a matter of 8.3 seconds.

Nowadays, in the age of five, the car’s Sport Hybrid comes something that comes along with all updated. 2 color options in the body, as well as the updated tire in additional LED head lamp Honda CRZ make the display look more attractive. On the hood, replace the battery that the previous CRZ using Ni-MH and Li-Ion battery to be able to upgrade the energy produced, than at 122 horse power to 130 horse power.