Be careful, Allergy Drug Consumption Can Make Fat

Allergies can occur in anyone, even into adulthood are still many people who do not realize that if he has allergies. Do you have allergies? If yes, you should be wary because a new study reveals that allergies and weight have interdependent relationships.

When allergy recurrence, most patients will take medication to eliminate the effects of allergies. But actually this way has the side effect to the body. In August 2010, researchers from Yale University published in the journal Obesity that people who take allergy medications such as antihistamines regularly higher weight than who do not eat.

This data is taken from The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC’s) National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey from 2005 to 2006 to compare the weight of 867 adults with antihistamine use them. The most commonly used drug in this study is a type of cetirizine, zyrtec and fexofenadine. But researchers caution that the study is observational and can not really show whether the use of antihistamines cause weight gain in people with allergies.

Another study by the same CDC data in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology in 2009 found that the number of people with allergies, especially food allergies, more numerous in obese children compared with children of normal weight.

“From these results, it remains unclear how exactly the relationship between the two, whether obesity causes allergies or not,” said Cynthia Visness, Ph.D., lead author and research scientist at Rho Inc.

But unfortunately, not a lot of literature that describes how the relationship between obesity and allergies, so the explanation that there could only be seen from the results of these 2 studies.

“Inflammation can also be triggers. Fat cells release cytokines, chemicals that cause inflammation, and allergies also trigger inflammation. So people with high levels of inflammation in their bodies tend to experience these two conditions,” said Visness.

Another theory from Yale University study stated that histamine, which is a nerve conductor when there is contact with allergens, has a role in regulating appetite. Research on mice suggests histamine reduces appetite, while antihistamines increase appetite.

Therefore, researchers believe it is possible if you take an antihistamine in the long run will make you eat more. Some antihistamines substances used even as an appetite stimulant in children.

Benefits of Vitamin C and E for Immune

How can a natural healthy lifestyle by eating vitamin C. Vitamin C also increases the levels of glutathione in the body. Glutathione is an antioxidant in the body that can keep your immune system. Consuming vitamin C 500 mg a day can increase the body’s glutathione levels by 50%.

Associated with SARS who attacked the respiratory tract, including the lungs, it turns out, vitamin C is also able to improve the working system of the lungs. Opportunity people who eat vitamin C to lower chronic bronchitis.

The habit of smoking can adversely impact the utilization of vitamin C. Smoking 1.5 packs causing vitamin C in the body is reduced by 30%. Body condition always suffered stress will also drain a variety of vitamins or minerals, including vitamin C.

In one study, it is known that when exposed to the flu virus, 27% among those who stressed immediate mild flu. Meanwhile, on the stress, the number of subjects who develop flu larger, namely 47%. Stress can damage the thymus gland, resulting in the production of white blood cells for the immune compromised. It suggests a synergistic relationship between stress, depletion of vitamin C, and a decline in immunity.

Conditions can also aggravate the status of vitamin C in the body is the habit angry. People who will waste his anger exploded vitamin C from the body in large quantities. So, amid the SARS endemic, preferably, less irritable behavior and even better if we practice patience.

Improvement of the immune system can also be generated by the presence of vitamin E. Lymphocytes and mononuclear in the human body contains vitamin E concentrations are highest. It reveals the importance of vitamin E in immune function. Therefore, adequate consumption of vitamin E would be beneficial to the formation of antibodies, and reduce morbidity (illness) and mortality (death).

Biological Role of Carbohydrates

1. Contribute to the Biosphere

The process of photosynthesis provides food for nearly all life on earth, either directly or indirectly. Organisms autotrophs (can change inorganic substances into organic), such as green plants, bacteria and algae utilize direct result of photosynthesis.

While the majority of heterotrophic organisms (which require organic compounds), including humans, is really very dependent on autotrophs organisms for food.

2. For Fuel and Nutrition

Carbohydrates provide the necessary basic needs of living bodies. For example, glucose (from carbohydrate compounds) which is the main nutrient cells. The body’s cells to absorb glucose and retrieve the stored energy to run the body’s cells. For humans, carbohydrates are a source of nutrients. In one gram of carbohydrates, there is an energy value equal to 4 calories.

3. As an Energy Reserves

Several types of polysaccharides serve as energy reserves. Later in the hydrolysis of reserve energy will for providing sugar to the cells when needed. Starch is a polysaccharide deposits in plants. Plants accumulate starch as granules or granules in the plastid organelles, including chloroplasts.

By synthesizing starch, herbs can pile up excess glucose. Glucose is the main fuel cell, so that the starch is stored energy.

4. As a matter Builders

Organisms building materials stronger than structural polysaccharides. For example, cellulose is a major component of the cell walls of plant cells. Cellulose is like fibers, clay, insoluble in water, and is found mainly in the stalk, stem, branches, and all the woody parts of the plant tissue. Wood is mainly made of other polysaccharides cellulose. For example, hemicellulose, and pectin. Meanwhile, the cotton is made almost entirely of cellulose.

5. As the Regulatory Fat Metabolism

Carbohydrates prevent the oxidation of fats that are not perfect. If enough energy is not available, will result in increased catabolism of fat. As a result, the accumulation of ketone bodies in the blood and occurs acidity.

6. As a saver Protein

Energy is the body’s primary needs. Therefore, if the carbohydrates that come from eating insufficient protein will be modified to produce a certain amount of energy. Though the protein has a primary function as a builder substance of tissue repair. In order to be used according to its function, carbohydrate must be met in the daily menu.

2 Months After Honda Launches New Scooter

Just as Honda in Indonesia, Honda Motorcycle and Scooters India (HMSI) also has aggressive plans to launch new products.

Although time delay the launch of Honda CB, Honda India plans to strengthen skutiknya market. Reportedly Honda will launch 125cc scooter in India.

The plan was to come from the far-away days but this time reportedly more widely and is planned to be rolled in the next 2 months and will be a mainstay of Honda scooters in India.

Despite what the scooter will be taken is not clear but most likely it is a scooter that scooter has been launched in Vietnam. Yes Honda Lead name.

Honda Lead will be equipped with liquid-cooled engine 1 cylinder capacity of 125cc which is capable of spewing power 12 BHP. This scooter also has to get the PGM-FI technology.

Honda Lead will get good roles in India, for which the people want a scooter that has a good performance. A case in point is the Suzuki Access and Swish both of which have won the hearts of consumers in India.

Going forward, Honda will also compete Piaggio Vespa in India, which is the most expensive scooter in India today. Future Piaggio Vespa scooters will be more launches in India, it will be a tough competition between Honda and Piaggio.

Study: Someone Ability of Self-Influenced Friends

Friends that you hang out with can influence your self you know. Based on recent studies, friendships can influence a person’s behavior as his ability to control himself.

The research team also found that people who are struggling with a particular temptation to increase the ability to control themselves by hanging or make friends with people who are strong willed or unable to control himself well.

“What we know is that the individual low self-controlnya would implicitly associate or surround himself with other individuals who can help them overcome temptation. Way they will get a little help from his friends,” said researcher Catherine Shea.

The study, published in the journal Psychological Science is based on a number of experiments. One of these participants were asked to watch a video contains a few words that will appear on the screen. Most participants were instructed to not read the words, while others were not told if they were asked to read the words.

Then the researchers asked all participants read a description of the three types of office manager; manager that low self-control skills, managers are able to control himself and managers who can demonstrate both.

From there, researchers concluded that participants who were asked to not read the words on the screen (which is said investigators decreased the ability of self-control) are known to be interested in reading descriptions of managers with high self-control abilities. In the other experiment, participants were found to have lower self-control scores also thinking more about the manager who knows how to control himself.

This condition is reinforced by the results of recent trials involving 136 couples in which researchers found that participants who categorize themselves as people who lack self-control will be more likely to say if they rely on a pair of high self-control abilities.

Yet another study, published in the journal Current Directions in Psychological Science reveals there are other things that can help improve a person’s ability to control themselves in the outline view of the target to be achieved. According to the study, is far more effective way to reach a target such as weight loss, which envisage the end result will help you stick to a diet method rather than just focusing on all the efforts deployed to lose weight alone.

Fauja Singh, the World’s Oldest Marathon Runner

Age is not young anymore. Although age of 102 years, but the runner Fauja Singh has become the world’s oldest still follow the Marathon.

After losing his wife and children at the age of 80 years, Singh turned dull life. He seemed to want to die than to live. Now at the age of 102 years, Singh just like an artist.

“Running is good and bring me back to life trauma and forget all my sorrows. When I started running, I like to meet God. Since then I like to run, “said Singh.

With his trademark style as a gray beard and traditional headgear, Singh earned the nickname The turbaned tornado. Singh has attended almost all marathon events around the world.

Singh Life is not always fun. He can run normally when the new five-year-old because of his own weakness.

“It took five years to gain strength and become stronger. At the age of 10 years, I’ve felt normal life, “he explained.

Many older people suffer limb damage, but Singh is much more nuanced. When following a test at the age of 94 years, Singh felt a little weak on his left foot right foot.

“My response was that I knew my left leg was weaker. Life becomes useless without a sense of humor. Life is only about the happiness and laughter, “he said, with a laugh.

Excellent choice of car rental companies for a picnic

Excellent choice of car rental companies for a picnic:

– Make sure and talk with colleagues and relatives place in what will be approached. Make writing to let excursion exactly what manjadi want. Then give duplicate posts that have been made to the appropriate row driver location will be passed.

– Get the info also about tourist attractions that will be visited through online media or even ask colleagues, so we can predict mileage, hotel and costs that will be used.

– Always apply equally both drivers and also be vigilant in your trip.

– Be sure and specify about money for a trip with driver, fuel contihnya money, parking money, the cost to the sights, driver meal allowance, as well as other tips money at the street. So that it will not be a distraction during the outing.

– Arrange and commitment to the design that we design, take some extra time, to ward off something unexpected at the time the street, rich flat wheels and traffic jam, let the next all locations can be visited by not issuing payment cheap car rental

6 Ways to Apply Romantic Couple Ever Do

Do not think a man can not be romantic. Some men following willing to do the ‘crazy’ for applying for the beloved. How that is done is very romantic which makes her lover’s hard to say ‘no’. What are they doing? The following is quoted from Pop Sugar.

1. Reading current news
A news anchor at TV station FOX, Jillian Pavlica, never thought her boyfriend, Vince will be proposed when the segment Breaking News. Obviously, this news also make the messenger was shocked and could not reject an application.

2. Through Movies in Theaters
This is one way of applying the most romantic irresistible. Matt propose to his girlfriend Ginny through movie trailers in theaters. The men rented a movie and play video contains conversations with Matt’s father to her lover on his way to the cinema to apply directly Ginny.

3. Olympic Pool
American swimmer doing a surprise when the London Olympics. Matt Grevers directly propose to his girlfriend who was also a swimmer, Annie Chandler, when he won the first rank Missouri Grand Prix. Annie who was just wanted to congratulate on the winners podium surprised as proposed to her knees directly in front of the participants, spectators and all TV stations.

4. Through Vocabulary in newspaper
A newspaper in Washington gets requests unique to help Corey Newman propose to his girlfriend, Marlowe Epstein. Corey came and asked the creator vocabulary game on Sunday Washington Post newspaper, put in a word ‘Marlow’, ‘Epstein’ and ‘WillYouMarryMe’.

5. Lipsing song Marry You
Bruno Mars song, Marry You indeed would make a great theme song when applying lover. But do not just sing, Isaac asked his girlfriend Amy to listen to songs from the headphones. Moments later, all friends, relatives, neighbors Amy to appear before him. They come to dance and sing lip-synch the song Marry You by Bruno Mars on the street front of her house.

6. Via Twitter Chairman Senate
Senator from Virginia to help a citizen who called Brett Wanamaker now propose to his girlfriend who is also secretary of the senate, Beth Adelson. The senate lend his twitter account to Brett and wrote, “please note this message for a while, I borrowed this account to say, Beth Adelson, will you marry me?” Beth was immediately answered ‘yes’.

Open-aperture Problem Guardiola Success Secrets Barca

In just three and a half years, who cared for Pep Guardiola’s Barcelona won 13 trophies. Trophy after winning the 13th, Giardiola Azulgrana reveals the secrets of success with him.13th trophy obtained with Guardiola’s Barca is the Club World Cup this year.

In the final on Sunday (18/12/2011),Lionel Messi et al. silencing the Latin American champions, Santos, with a score of 4-0.

Thus, Guardiola meant Barca had twice led won the Club World Cup. In addition, he has also been offered three Spanish league titles, two Champions League titles, one Copa del Rey, three Spanish Super Cups, and two European Super Cups.

“We had a group of players who are very talented,” said Guardiola.

“And the secret of our success is simple. We studied our opponents very closely, utilizing space well, keep control of the ball and releases it very quickly,” he explained.

Although already won many trophies, Guardiola believes his team still have a hunger. He was optimistic that the success of the Catalans will continue.

“My players are real competitors and I’m sure they want to keep going and win more trophies,” he said.

Anticancer Compound in Cabbage

Many ways we can take to implement a natural healthy way of life. Do you know if the cabbage contains anticancer compound? If you are in doubt eat cabbage, you should start paying attention. In America, one in five deaths is caused by cancer.

Data from the American Cancer Society show that cancer deaths in women are dominated by breast cancer (19%), lung cancer (16%), and colon and rectum (15%). Meanwhile, in men, the dominant cancer as the cause of death was lung cancer (34%), cancer of the colon and rectum (12%), and prostate cancer (10%).

In epidemiological studies, high fat diet showed a strong link with the appearance of colon cancer and breast cancer. It is known that a low fat and high fiber consumption, such as a vegetarian diet, the low incidence of cancer. Tumorigenesis will be growing at a low dietary polyunsaturated fats.

Certain hormones may contribute to the emergence of tumor beranggung responsibility. Spending hormone is triggered by the consumption of high fat. For example, it turns out the hormone prolactin (serum) that stimulates tumor growth increased if we eat foods that are rich in fat.

There is a possibility that the food contains the cause or prevention of cancer as well. The extent to which the balance between the two components is achieved will determine whether we are at risk of cancer or not. Instructions nutrition of the Committee on Diet, Nutrition, and Cancer USA following can be practiced to reduce the risk, namely:

Reduce fat intake from 40% to 30%.
Increase consumption of vegetables and fruit.
Reduce food preservation and smoked foods.
Reduce smoking.
Avoid alcoholic beverages.

Chances are, alcohol acts as a cause of cancer through various channels. First, directly, alcohol can be toxic to cells. Secondly, alcohol can be a vehicle for carrying co-carcinogens. Third, alcohol causes immune system disorders. Scientific evidence of alcohol as a direct cause of cancer is still in doubt. However, it seems, is no doubt that alcohol can be a promoter of the tumorigenesis.

All belonging to the cabbage cruciferous group. The group known as sulforaphane and indoles content is efficacious as anticancer. Research on indoles prove his mendeaktivasi estrogen metabolites that cause tumors, particularly in breast cells. At the same time, indoles improve certain compounds that are protective against cancer.

In addition to suppressing the growth of tumor cells, the greatness of indoles contained in the family, which includes kubi is able to reduce the process of metastatic cancer cells. Metastasis is the movement of cancer cells to other parts of the body, resulting in the spread of tumor cells.

Meanwhile other content cabbage, sulforaphane role in improving the role of enzymes responsible for detoxifying or neutralizing toxins. With the optimal detoxification, cancer-causing carcinogenic substances can be more quickly removed.