This He 7 Cancer Symptoms Men are not recognized

Cancer symptoms difficult to identify on their own because usually these signs may also be associated with other health problems. More difficult if the symptoms of male cancers. Because compared to women, men are known to be lazy to the doctor for a consultation, let alone cancer screening.

Though important for men and women with cancer to determine the specific changes in the body that may indicate cancer. 8 refer to the symptoms of cancer that is often overlooked men:

1. Changes in the breast
Not many men who develop breast cancer but it does not mean he is not risky experience. Even the National Cancer Institute, the U.S. estimates that in 2013 there will be more than 2,200 men with cancer that generally affects women.

Changes in the breast that may indicate breast cancer in men such as wrinkles or hollows in the breast, nipple into, lumps in the breast, the breast skin or nipple turning red and peeling nipples.

2. Testis size and weight change
Is your testicles feel heavy or sudden change in size? It could be cancer. Testicular cancer usually affects men aged 20-39 years of age but if you are more than that and you still have symptoms that are mentioned, do not hesitate to consult a doctor.

3. Sudden weight loss
If not for the diet program but you experience sudden weight loss, say 10 percent of your body weight in just a period of 3-6 months, then the condition is cause for concern.

4. Changes in lymph nodes
Because there are more than 500 of the lymph nodes in the body, you probably do not need to check one by one. But you need to check regularly whether the lymph nodes in the armpits, neck and genitals swell or grow beyond normal size. If so, it could be a symptom of an infection or cancer.
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Why Many Successful Actor As Athlete Dies in Moments?

Fame is something worthwhile. However, analysis of the life and death of nearly 1,000 people showed success as pop stars, sportsmen and actors tend to die young.

Price of fame is equated with the 7-year life span. While military leaders longer than 8 years of sports stars, singers and other artists. It is based on a medical journal report.

The idea that musicians die young has long been a source of fascination. This is associated with the death of famous people such as Elvis Presley, Jimi Hendrix and Jim Morison.

Through information from the New York Times obituary or death record, Australian researchers prove the three men short of expectations. They took obituary published between 2009 and 2011 and took data such as age at death, cause of death, and the data of residence.

Assumed that they were published in the newspaper obituary is the people who have successful careers. The analysis shows that the performers, including many actors and singers who died at a young age.

The average age of death they were 77 years 1 month. Instead, the military has a longer life of approximately 84 years and 8 months.

The sportsman also apparently fared worse, on average die from the age of 77 years and 5 months. Writers and creative people who work behind having an average age of 78 years and a half months.

Meanwhile, businessmen and politicians tend to join the army. His life is similar about 80 years, according to an article in QJM: An International Journal of Medicine reports.

These deaths were related to accidents and infections, including HIV and cancer. Deaths from lung cancer, according to research is the result of smoking in the long run, it is common for those who work as performers.

The study authors say that young people are thinking of pursuing fame, but they will face on the choice of potential careers or live longer. They emphasize that while these results do not prove anything, so they look for some interesting possibilities as their lives are too ‘pampered’ until their treatment afterwards.

Professor Richard Epstein of St. Vincent’s Hospital in Sydney, said, “First, if it is true of athletes and performers successful tend to enjoy a short life, whether it means fame at a young age predisposes to poor health behaviors later in life after their success fade?

Is this a psychological problem that affects families and the pressure to cause something unusual in a public performance? Is this what led them to self-destructive tendencies throughout life?

Remember, Do not Ever Touch Food’s After Sport

Having tired to exercise in the morning, you’ll want to eat foods that can add to or replace the lost energy. But you have to be smart to choose the right foods consumed after exercise. Because the food you eat after exercise is far more crucial than the food you eat at another time.

According to experts, the food right after exercise is a combination of complex carbohydrates, water and some protein. Refer to the explanation of the 9 forbidden foods are consumed after exercise, among others:

1. Cheese
Processed cheese and high fat foods can not you eat after exercise run. The reason, cheese contain saturated fat levels are very high, as well as salt. But if you want to eat salty snacks, take your pick from soy crisps flavored cheese.

2. Processed meat
Eat a sandwich after undergoing an aerobic session may sound healthy but are actually processed meat to be one sandwich compositions containing high levels of salt and fat. When it entered into the stomach, processed meat will slow down the performance of the digestive system a person who ate it after exercise. Likewise with salami, bacon and sausages.

Better switch to chicken meat filled sandwiches.

3. Cereals
Be careful, this is most often said to be a healthy food when in fact some kind of cereal can be loaded with sugar, especially refined cereal. All you can eat is half a cup of low-sugar granola with fruit and nuts, with no added sugar. You can also add non-fat milk or skim over it.

4. Bread
Starch contained in bread can quickly turn into sugar when digested and it is not needed by the body after exercise. If you want it, better replace it with whole grain bread with a small portion. Avoid white bread (bread made from wheat flour that has been processed in such a way that white flour).

5. Fruit drinks
Bottled fruit drinks loaded with sugar which of course will increase a person’s blood sugar levels quickly. If you want to drink other than water after exercising, choose herbal iced tea or coconut water is a natural and healthy.

6. Fried egg
Eggs are said to be one healthy snack after exercise because it contains protein and choline are good for the heart. But avoid the frying process, so the eggs will be cooked in the fat. Better just boiled.

7. Milkshake
Milkshake looks healthy but not if you memblendernya with fruit because it makes it so full of sugar. Replace it with almond, plain milk or green tea alone.

8. Raw vegetables
Raw vegetables are still filled with essential nutrients but they do not have the ability to keep you energized after exercising. You need a more substantial foods if you want your muscles to recover from wear and helps your metabolism.

Nutritionists advise that you add the vegetables high protein foods that you eat after exercise such as yogurt sauce.

Be careful, Allergy Drug Consumption Can Make Fat

Allergies can occur in anyone, even into adulthood are still many people who do not realize that if he has allergies. Do you have allergies? If yes, you should be wary because a new study reveals that allergies and weight have interdependent relationships.

When allergy recurrence, most patients will take medication to eliminate the effects of allergies. But actually this way has the side effect to the body. In August 2010, researchers from Yale University published in the journal Obesity that people who take allergy medications such as antihistamines regularly higher weight than who do not eat.

This data is taken from The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC’s) National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey from 2005 to 2006 to compare the weight of 867 adults with antihistamine use them. The most commonly used drug in this study is a type of cetirizine, zyrtec and fexofenadine. But researchers caution that the study is observational and can not really show whether the use of antihistamines cause weight gain in people with allergies.

Another study by the same CDC data in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology in 2009 found that the number of people with allergies, especially food allergies, more numerous in obese children compared with children of normal weight.

“From these results, it remains unclear how exactly the relationship between the two, whether obesity causes allergies or not,” said Cynthia Visness, Ph.D., lead author and research scientist at Rho Inc.

But unfortunately, not a lot of literature that describes how the relationship between obesity and allergies, so the explanation that there could only be seen from the results of these 2 studies.

“Inflammation can also be triggers. Fat cells release cytokines, chemicals that cause inflammation, and allergies also trigger inflammation. So people with high levels of inflammation in their bodies tend to experience these two conditions,” said Visness.

Another theory from Yale University study stated that histamine, which is a nerve conductor when there is contact with allergens, has a role in regulating appetite. Research on mice suggests histamine reduces appetite, while antihistamines increase appetite.

Therefore, researchers believe it is possible if you take an antihistamine in the long run will make you eat more. Some antihistamines substances used even as an appetite stimulant in children.

Study: Someone Ability of Self-Influenced Friends

Friends that you hang out with can influence your self you know. Based on recent studies, friendships can influence a person’s behavior as his ability to control himself.

The research team also found that people who are struggling with a particular temptation to increase the ability to control themselves by hanging or make friends with people who are strong willed or unable to control himself well.

“What we know is that the individual low self-controlnya would implicitly associate or surround himself with other individuals who can help them overcome temptation. Way they will get a little help from his friends,” said researcher Catherine Shea.

The study, published in the journal Psychological Science is based on a number of experiments. One of these participants were asked to watch a video contains a few words that will appear on the screen. Most participants were instructed to not read the words, while others were not told if they were asked to read the words.

Then the researchers asked all participants read a description of the three types of office manager; manager that low self-control skills, managers are able to control himself and managers who can demonstrate both.

From there, researchers concluded that participants who were asked to not read the words on the screen (which is said investigators decreased the ability of self-control) are known to be interested in reading descriptions of managers with high self-control abilities. In the other experiment, participants were found to have lower self-control scores also thinking more about the manager who knows how to control himself.

This condition is reinforced by the results of recent trials involving 136 couples in which researchers found that participants who categorize themselves as people who lack self-control will be more likely to say if they rely on a pair of high self-control abilities.

Yet another study, published in the journal Current Directions in Psychological Science reveals there are other things that can help improve a person’s ability to control themselves in the outline view of the target to be achieved. According to the study, is far more effective way to reach a target such as weight loss, which envisage the end result will help you stick to a diet method rather than just focusing on all the efforts deployed to lose weight alone.

This is the content of Mandatory in Isotonic Drinks

In any job, whether stationary or moving human will remove fluid from the body. Therefore, the body must stay hydrated. However, in some specific activity or work was issued electrolyte human body, this is what causes the body to become limp when dehydrated.

But not to worry, there is now a range of isotonic drinks with different brands and flavors, customized live alone. However, according to Dr. Michael Triangto, SpKO there are several components in these beverages that must be considered.

There is a composition that need to be considered include carbohydrates should exist, besides sodium chloride and also need to be considered. If there is glucose only be around 6-8 percent, said the doctor this sport.

Doctor who also practiced at hospitals. Mitra Kemayoran is also clear that isotonic drinks in various flavors that do not matter. But no good if it is too sweet.

The sweet taste of fruit or just download drives us to want to drink it, but if it is too sweet, the performance will go down, he explained. Decline in performance would clearly interfere with one’s productivity, especially for those working in the field.

Loss of body fluids with electrolytes in it is known to cause headaches, heart palpitations, numbness and many more. Now, therefore keep balance with isotonic drinks are just as necessary.

Operations in RS’s, Patient Perhaps Choose: Stunning Total or Watch Movies

In order not to feel pain, most patients will be sedated while undergoing surgery total. However, because such drug has side effects, a hospital offers another option that is a local anesthetic in order to relax while watching a movie.

Peterborough City Hospital, a hospital in the UK offers the option for orthopedic patients especially the elderly. This option is offered because elderly patients are more susceptible to the adverse effects of high-powered drugs.

By providing only a local anesthetic, the doctors could reduce the side effects that may be experienced by the patient. As for the increasingly drown her pain, patients are welcome to watch the film to be more relaxed so that the pain distracted.

“Patients really relax while watching a favorite movie. Several patients told us, very interesting TV shows that are not aware of the operation is over,” said Dr Richard Griffiths, consultant orthopedic at the hospital.

Said Dr Griffiths, one of the patients watching the musical Sound of Music while undergoing hip surgery. Other patients watch a documentary on BBC channels, the series The Blue Planet while undergoing surgery to correct a knee.

Iris Quirol (75 years) from Peterborough was recorded as the first patient to avail the option of local anesthesia when surgery while watching movies. Patients undergoing hip fracture and needed surgery to fix cracks-cracks.

Reason Quirol choose local anesthesia was because he had experienced adverse reactions when given general anesthesia. No mention of what happened to the reaction, but it is said that he was quite traumatized that does not want to undergo a similar process of anesthesia.

“Dr Griffiths brought my DVD collection to choose from and I chose The Sound of Music. Earphones I used to be able to hear his voice, but once I stopped watching for a conversation with Dr. Griffiths,” recalls Quirol who said he was satisfied with the offer of a movie moment operation.

Ways and Tips for Successful Living

Success is a condition that is easy to imagine but difficult to implement and achieve. Success is very wonderful to imagine, but very few people would actually seriously realize that success of the space fantasy into reality.

Therefore, this review will help add insight and tricks as well as how to success in life is. Although everything is not as easy to get started flipping hand, but everything to do with the maximum. Life success no longer a mere fantasy in the mind, but also ultimately be realized in reality.

The process of finding the road to success will also be instrumental in supporting the existence of tips along the way towards a successful life. When life successfully been achieved, then the happiness and life success be embodied in it. Everything requires a process accompanied by patience and efforts are maximized.

In China, There’s Barber Ball Eye Wear Knives, Trying Interested?

There is a proverb that says the eyes are the windows to the world. If the function of the eye is compromised, then all things are seen in the world will diminish its beauty. To maintain the cleanliness of the eye, a man in China has a special ability to shave eyeballs. The tool used was a knife.

Shaving here does not mean cut up eyeballs, but eyeballs clean the surface with a knife. Who can do well not just any man, but rather a ‘professional who already have trained long flight hours.

One is Liu Deyan (53 years) who had 7 years of work as a professional shearer eyeball. He opened an independent practice in a small park located in the city of Chengdu, China. The patients who come will he handle himself carefully.

The process of cleaning the eye with this knife takes about 5 minutes. Eyelids of patients withdrawn, cleaned his eyes, then shaved and slightly rubbed surface. Finally, Liu cleaning the surface under the upper and lower eyelids like windshield wipers use a small stick.

Yes, imagining it was grate. This procedure does look dangerous and risky cause complications, ranging from injuring the eyes to occur due to cross-infection used a knife used for many patients at once. But in China, this practice has become a kind of ancient tradition. It’s just not a lot of similar practices are still open.

In her practice, Ms. Liu also provide hair shaved head and facial hair. After shaving a customer, he quickly rinse the knife and then use it to clean the eyes of the customer.

Tips and How Life Success

Here are some tips kind of successful life that can be done by a person to achieve success in life he wanted. Tips and how these can be planned and carefully so that the target maximum success achieved as expected. Tips and manner intended, among others:

1. Mean – Has It and Motivation High

Whatever the goals, targets, goals or desires in life needs to be done in earnest. This attitude includes basic tips and how to achieve success in life. However, it truly is not enough without coupled with high motivation. The reason is because the motivation is important to realize the dreams and aspirations are. Therefore, the success of the first issue of life is a matter of determination and motivation.

Success takes persistence, struggle up, not to play in realizing it. Motivation is like energy that will drive the pace of work and a real person. People who do not have the motivation to people who have very different motivations in creating something. The right motivation and high, will cause someone always eager and relentless despair when faced with failure. However, if the motivation is not correct, then success will be hampered to be realized in life.

Motivation can be built by understanding the intentions and goals to achieve something. Sincere and good intentions will usually bring a higher motivation. Thus it was to achieve a goal. If you are an entrepreneur, one way to motivate yourself is to reflect on the people who have first successful than yourself.

Although initially impressed mimic the steps that have been successful before, but in the end the motivation as well as the intention is juxtaposed with the goals will come to fruition. The result is what can be considered a success or not. Do not be afraid to continue vibrant with the right motivation and high.

2. Brave Conduct Innovation and Risk Bearing Ready

Successful people are those who dare. Surely not just brave without understanding the concept properly. However, bold steps in creating a breakthrough that is speculation. Although speculative, one who wants to be successful should also equip themselves with the ability both to predict something. That capability has a huge role in enriching the determination of a successful candidate.

This ability is born from the insight of a person to something. Of course, all things being cultivated. If you want to succeed, you should take the steps that seem risky and daring put into place. A person who will succeed are those who have a great sense of responsibility to bear any kind of risk could even emerge as a result of the breakthrough. Breakthrough taken with careful planning.

By then, the innovation as well as prepare themselves to face the risk should be the issue as well as the way to success in life. Never underestimate everything without any prior knowledge. The reason for that is not the attitude of condescension appropriate for the successful candidates in the areas of expertise that they do.

3. Dare to Make a Different Way

Successful people are those who are willing to take another path. The road not taken by the majority, or may be completely different away from the habit. The successful person will always do things differently that other people do not. Therefore, please do what not to do by others. This is an issue of life’s most powerful success. Of course there will be new innovations through the different options of the habit of many people. Naturally, if a lot of people who have a role as an encourager said that to be successful you really have to look different. Unlike most of the people who do things the normal way.

Different does not mean do not match the expectations of many people. However, the different steps in making yourself why it appeals to most people. Therefore, each of the above tips and how to support each other and can not be separated for granted. Successful people are not alienated people in life who later shunned or ostracized. However, successful people including the person who can inspire as well as for those around them.