Characteristics of a Havanese

A Havanese traces its beginnings from the now extinct Bichon dog Blanquito of Havana, who crossed with a poodle dog for the National People Cuba was producing. Havanese dogs are small but sturdy with folded ears and tail, which are often worn on the back. They have long silky hair that is soft, light hair, and they come in all colors, from pure white to black, and other combinations.
Although a toy dog ​​not as sensitive as other breeds Havanese. They can be anywhere from 7-13 pounds and weighs between 8.5 to 11.5 inches tall. You have a body that is slightly longer than the withers, so they are longer than high. Havanese dogs have a strong and vibrant program when they run, they have a strong rear-wheel drive and because they have a slightly shorter arms, they can often seem to jump up and down. This adds to the fun aspect of his character.
The Havanese is a bright, playful dog toy and clever, they are able to work well with other pets and are ideal for children. It is rare for a Havanese to be shy, they love being the center of attention and often use tricks implementation they have learned that people need attention. They even have the reputation of being circus dogs deserve because of their ability to quickly learn and perform tricks. They love to learn new things and run. This breed needs a lot of activity, despite its size, they need constant mental and physical exercise. If the Havanese is not able to have enough activity, it can be difficult, and even depressed.
Although the Havanese breed is not possessive they love around her man. They thrive in constant companionship of their owners and are very pleasant. As they enjoy their physical activities, they are also very happy to sit on the lap of their owner and cuddly. With a good dose of socialization and play, they are rare and nervous because they are a robust breed, it is good for them to the harshness of children are exposed.
They are also sweet and sensitive, because they want to please, it is easy to teach them new tricks and often well in obedience competitions. They are very sensitive to the character of its owner a slight change in the tone Just follow the instructions, so no severe punishment is necessary.
As cute as these dogs are, they also have not so endearing traits. They can be very difficult and can be very difficult to raise a trait in most breeds of dogs are Bichon family. While usability is a good feature, it can also be a problem with a Havanese because she. Sometimes too friendly, even with strangers, which is why they can not be expected to act as watchdogs
They may also suffer from separation anxiety and tend to bark excessively or chew on furniture or shoes when left alone for long periods or no training. Overall, the Havanese is a great pet, but owners should be aware that keeping as with any other animal, they need care and attention to thrive and be happy.