Emotions Making Memories Always There

Why an event can sometimes long lasting for years in our memories? But on the other hand, sometimes we forget that not long ago an event took place? The answer lies in emotions or feelings!
When an event takes place and emotions go ‘talk’, then the brain will record and store seperinci may, as an incident to the feeling of participating in it. It will be a bond when we want to remember it again. Memories that contain these feelings can also remember back when we find a situation or event that makes us remembered the memories, the memories even though it has long passed.

The above conclusion is based on research conducted by experts at Duke University’s Florin Dolcos. This research was conducted on 9 women, 1 man without any. Because women are psychologically more depth in using emotions or feelings and emotions react to the stimulus.

These ladies all 180 pieces shown in the picture. The pictures that are picture happy, normal and sad. They had to give the order of how unpleasant or sad image. When they saw the pictures, the experts do the scanning (scanning) to their brains.

A year later they returned to see the gambat and added 90 new images (30 images a happy picture, the normal image and the remaining 30 are sad picture). Brain scan done again.

The women were asked to indicate whether the image is in the category of ‘remember’ if they can remember the picture in detail last year, ‘know’ if the images look ‘familiar’ in his memory, but not detailed and the last ‘new’ for new images they see.

As a result, more women were given the sad images than normal. And the part of the brain called the amygdala and hippocampus were active when they managed to recall memories of the picture. The ability of emotions or feelings will make an indelible memory until a long time.