Food Neophobia In Children

A child or infant will usually devour anything that fed him, but when entering the second year of middle age, a toddler will begin to refuse food and began to show suspicion towards certain foods.

The researchers call this the ‘food neophobia’, this is something unusual. This happens because of the emotions of a child begins to grow and experience the “fear of new things”, it is also accompanied picky attitude, especially in terms of food. Age of the children who experience this syndrome neophobia typically ranging from 18 months to 2 years.

Some scientists believe that this behavior evolved when humans still inhabit caves (pre-history), this prevents the toddler from eating food that is not known or which may be toxic. In fact, according to research most of the dishes were rejected toddlers at this age are fruits and vegetables.

Of course, the above facts do not provide a way out for your toddlers who refuse to eat vegetables, because at this time the possibility of your baby to eat vegetables or fruits that are found on the home page is very small. For that keep parents still need to persuade the baby to eat vegetables and fruits.

But be careful when eating baby persuaded he did not like, do not force it because it can make it like the food until he was an adult.

The first step is to show that you are also consuming these foods, show sincerely that you liked the food.

Second, ask him to try a small piece or a small spoonful, and if the child is doing, give praise and give rewards in the form of a sticker or something that he liked. Perform two simple steps consistently for 10 to 14 days, then your baby will be familiar with the food and the possibility he refused food in the future is very small.

In the end, make sure that the food you offer that sounds delicious so it does not feel being cheated. Make sure he liked the taste, ask your feelings or opinions about food.

This makes sure your baby every time you pointed out to him that the food you offer is good. Also, do not make the food as a punishment. That would make trauma, and prevented him from enjoying the delicious food. For example, use chili or chili as a threat when a child says a bad or rude. Do discipline wise manner, so that he understands what you mean and also realize his mistake.