Google Threatens presence Airwave Oakley Glass

Some time ago, the world was shocked by an ambitious project initiated by Google, one of the giants in the field of technology that always provide a variety of innovative products. Right on 4 April 2012 ago, Google released a video that presented a futurisitis glasses. In the video, Sergey Brin (co-founder of Google) describes a variety of uses and functions best glasses owned by Google named Glass.

Video presentation instantly create excitement in the community. Especially after she had used a sophisticated glasses on several occasions, one of them in the meeting in San Francisco, United States, which took place after Google’s video presentation Glass. To date, not a tech enthusiast community is still awaiting the arrival of these high-tech goggles.

But the journey was not as smooth as Google Glass imaginable. Shortly after it was announced sunglasses, Oakley directly provide an open challenge to Google. The sportswear manufacturer is building a high-tech eyewear.

Right on 18 April 2012 ago, as CEO Colin Baden Oakley Oakley announced that the development team is trying to build a pair of glasses that can integrate with your own gadget or smartphone. “This product will be developed, particularly in the areas of applications,” Baden said in an interview with Bloomberg.

Seven months later, Oakley proving its plans concerning the development of sophisticated glasses. A product called Oakley Airwave, has recently been launched to meet the demand for the technology enthusiast who also has a hobby of exercise. Sophisticated eyewear is intended for extreme sports such as snowboard or ski that not only support the appearance, but also to provide facilities futuristic to you.

Airwave comes to combining quality Oakley proprietary optical technology with support for the Android and iOS platforms. These glasses are storing a myriad of features in it. There is a feature GPS, Bluetooth connectivity support, maps, temperature, analytical data for the jump and speed to be able to inform the position of your friends are. All these features can be easily accessed via a remote that is used on the wrist. With Oakley Airwave, proved not only Google that can bring innovative eyewear.

That makes these glasses unique is its ability to display all the information is displayed directly on the glass Oakley Airwave. In short, the working principle is similar to Google Airwave Oakley Glass. Oakley also complete with Switchlock Oakley technology that allows users to replace the glass Oakley Airwave suitable environmental conditions yet still be able to enjoy all the features of this lens to the maximum.

If you are interested to have it, cool and sophisticated glasses that are sold at a price of USD599, 95