Guarding Your Puppies In Winter

Each season has its joys for you and your dog. But any time of year also has its dangers for fur, four legs together. Winter is particularly fraught with danger dog. Essentially the most obvious danger, of course, cold temperatures. For example, if Frostbite is a serious concern for your dog as it can be for you. Puppies need to invest more time in or grew up in warmer temperatures to spend limited time in sub-zero temperatures, perhaps not much more than the length of a walk.
In the house, make sure your dog stays warm, perhaps with extra beds. For dogs that spend a lot of time outside in a kennel, bedding and warm insulation is much more critical. When the thermometer drops in any case, even the toughest dogs should really come inside.
Ironically, another threat to small in winter are the things they do to keep warm. This is why you need a rule before the horn of the car, dragging it down from the garage or driveway. Puppies could under the car, it will be pulled by his shield against the elements and engine heat hidden. The smallest breed can be good on the engine itself.
Stoves, wood stoves and heaters can all burn your dog. And it goes without saying, are home fires, which usually starts in winter a threat to your dog as much as others. It goes all the problems that you can do to protect the rest of the family (eg, check the batteries in your smoke alarms) and include your dog in all exercises or procedures that you may have to evacuate your home in case of emergency. If the worst happens, a visible sign of a windshield, fire department was alerted to the fact that you have a puppy a good idea.
Candles are a valuable component of the winter experience. But having a pet at home, you must guard against over candles running legs or tail stirring all duly impressed. Either they stick to a balanced dome or get rid of them entirely. Keep stored safely and immediately clean spills in your garage or driveway. Carbon monoxide in a warm car in the garage can endanger your puppy if it does not provide adequate ventilation.
And finally, do not forget that the crystals defrost can also make your dog sick. To clean his feet as soon as you return from exploring the country winter wonderland.