Human foods that are toxic to dogs

If you want a healthy animal, food, recommended sticking with a dog expert. This means that parents want to avoid leaving pet dog to avoid food poisoning populations. Some parents pet to be safe to eat when you know that the food is toxic to prevent. However, few people know that some common foods humans can have toxic effects on the dog.
Dogs have a huge appetite and they are omnivores, so that nothing can be eaten. You can earn a lot of healthy benefits of fruits. Fruits with vitamins that strengthen the dog’s immune system and will also strengthen the muscles of the colon loading easier elimination of waste. Grapes and avocados, but they must be kept away. An unknown substance in grapes and raisins are toxic because it can cause severe kidney damage. The avocado fruit and leaves, bark and mine are extremely dangerous because of the income not only causes respiratory problems, but also the accumulation of fluid in the chest, abdomen and heart.
Choclolate, tea and coffee are other foods toxic to dogs that the caffeine in coffee and tea and theobromine in chocolate stimulates the nervous system and the heart, often causing fatal consequences. A dog lover always be dogs that have learned to do tricks have fun. It would be a great achievement if the owner can teach the dog to drink beer from a can, however, use of alcoholic beverages would have negative consequences that can result in death of the animal.
Beer and other alcoholic beverages contain ethanol, the toxicity of the compound. Dogs that have ingested alcoholic beverages will show signs of respiratory depression, such as ethanol is absorbed by the body. Immediate medical attention is essential for dogs that have ingested large amounts of alcoholic beverages, such as inducing vomiting will not help the animal.
Onion is another man common foods that are toxic to dogs. This lamp has strong thiosulfate, a substance that destroys red blood cells. Foods that have not given onions, thiosulfate is not destroyed by cooking. High dose or low dose but regular onions can the dog’s death.
It should never be assumed that food is consumed by humans and are safe for dogs. They have a different metabolism so that food is safe for humans can be toxic when consumed.