Kids Hope To parents

Nowadays more rare parents who want to spend time together as a family due to busy work, consequently the parents only focused on children’s behavior and not the behavior that we have. Why not look at your behavior from the perspective of children?

In a survey of 100,000 children in the capital, what they most want from their parents? Here are 10 answers that can be used as an evaluation for parents:

Children want their parents do not fight in front of them

Children tend to do what their parents do, not on what they say. How do you resolve these differences?

Do you not agree to see your child fights? attack others or defend themselves? Be careful when parents do that, then the children will learn how to manage anger and resolve conflicts in a way that parents demonstrated.

Children want parents treat each member of the same family

Treating children equally does not mean treating them equally. Every child is unique and each requires compassion and understanding of the same. Evaluate relationships with each child’s parents.

Parents who are honest

Your parents ever say something that is not honest with the kids? Parents may not realize what he had been demonstrated in children. Are parents saying what he means what he says?

Parents who are intolerant of other people

When parents are tolerant to others, children will learn patience with who wrote that is different from them. In what ways can people give an example of tolerance in children?

Parents who are friendly to their friends during a visit to the home

If clustering occurs in the home, then the parents will know where children are. Strengthens an open door policy and get to know their friends.

Parents who build excitement with the kids

When children enter the teen years, parents who steer the spirit of the joint would have a greater influence on their children.

Parents who want to answer your child’s questions

Have parents feel guilty when they say, ‘Now papa / mama busy, we are talking later. ” Then later also never. Take time to answer questions when the children and parents do not know the answer, admit and offer to find the answer.

Parents who instill discipline when needed but not before others

Do not instill discipline in front of other people, especially his friends. The kids want limits but rare parent who would understand. Parents need to know exactly when and where instill proper discipline.

Parents who concentrate on the good things rather than something that is weak

See children as puzzle pieces that do not complete the picture and concentrate on building a beautiful picture instead omit collage. Create a list of your child’s strengths and find the right time to show on them.

Parents who consistently

Parents are often inconsistent but try to be consistent. Inconsistent state can be damaging to children. Children should know the limits of love and consistent so that your confidence will appear in the elderly

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