Natural Lip Care Tips

It has a beautiful lips of course every woman’s desires. But many women complain that their lips are often susceptible to interference and irritation. Dry, damaged lips will disturb your appearance. Caring lip is tricky especially if you do not know how. One factor is problematic lips chapped lips. Lips chapped and rough could be because you are too old to be in an air-conditioned, smoke or because it was hot inside. Because this is problematic lips when applying lipstick, lip so it looks much more dry and unsightly.
To care for the lips to make it look pretty when you wear lipstick often should you drink water when you are in air conditioning. The lips are cracked due to dehydration as much as possible so you increase drinking water. Besides taking vitamins such as vitamin A and vitamin E are also important to help care for your lips. Both vitamins are very important for maintaining healthy skin. Eat menu green vegetables, wheat, tomatoes, carrots, oranges and apples to meet the needs of vitamin A and E are needed skin.
In addition to the above turns both ways honey can also be used to treat lips as vitamin C to honey which pretty much gives nutrients to the lips. Vitamin content of honey also can handle chapped lips. You can apply honey on the lips for 15 minutes during the morning and evening. Do it three times a week on the way to get maximum results. If you do not have much time, you can buy lip balm in nearby cosmetics store. Choose a lip moisturizer made from natural and without side effects.
To maximize your efforts lip care, avoid eating spicy and hot foods such as durian, mango and pineapple because these foods will worsen and hamper healing chapped lips. The use of effective lips balm also helps care for your lips. Lips lip balm effect so moist and dazzling disguise chapped lips. And that should be avoided is that excessive use of lipstick lips lose their natural color.