Operations in RS’s, Patient Perhaps Choose: Stunning Total or Watch Movies

In order not to feel pain, most patients will be sedated while undergoing surgery total. However, because such drug has side effects, a hospital offers another option that is a local anesthetic in order to relax while watching a movie.

Peterborough City Hospital, a hospital in the UK offers the option for orthopedic patients especially the elderly. This option is offered because elderly patients are more susceptible to the adverse effects of high-powered drugs.

By providing only a local anesthetic, the doctors could reduce the side effects that may be experienced by the patient. As for the increasingly drown her pain, patients are welcome to watch the film to be more relaxed so that the pain distracted.

“Patients really relax while watching a favorite movie. Several patients told us, very interesting TV shows that are not aware of the operation is over,” said Dr Richard Griffiths, consultant orthopedic at the hospital.

Said Dr Griffiths, one of the patients watching the musical Sound of Music while undergoing hip surgery. Other patients watch a documentary on BBC channels, the series The Blue Planet while undergoing surgery to correct a knee.

Iris Quirol (75 years) from Peterborough was recorded as the first patient to avail the option of local anesthesia when surgery while watching movies. Patients undergoing hip fracture and needed surgery to fix cracks-cracks.

Reason Quirol choose local anesthesia was because he had experienced adverse reactions when given general anesthesia. No mention of what happened to the reaction, but it is said that he was quite traumatized that does not want to undergo a similar process of anesthesia.

“Dr Griffiths brought my DVD collection to choose from and I chose The Sound of Music. Earphones I used to be able to hear his voice, but once I stopped watching for a conversation with Dr. Griffiths,” recalls Quirol who said he was satisfied with the offer of a movie moment operation.