Overcoming Boils On Body

Before moving to the ways to treat it, you should first know what it boils, what is the cause and how to cope with boils on the body.

Ulcer is an inflammation that usually occurs in the skin and hair follicles surrounding area, which led to the bacteria staphylococcus aureus generally are.

That’s why abscess in the skin can be translated as a local infection. Boils himself initially infected hair follicles, but because of the irritation, chafing in areas of inflammation and lack of care of the body, making the infection extends to the networks that are around, then there was a boil
general we know.

Ulcer Symptoms
Boils usually will not be known if it appears red bumps on the body that are soft. These lumps over time will be a bit louder and louder, in the middle of the lump appears with a white summit which will eventually mature and rupture. When broken, it will discharge called

There are many types of ulcers and a variety of names, these differences are due to differences in the causes and other factors, namely:

• Ulcers caused by the NII blocked oil glands, and then went to an infection called “cystic acne”. Boils are mostly teenagers attacked on their skin.

• There is another boil on the body caused by local inflammation of the sweat glands, which dinamakam “hidradenitis suppurativa”. This type of attack mostly boils groin and armpit areas with large numbers, the emergence of more than one.

• One more boils to the same cause ulcers in general, which is an infection of hair follicles. However, due to its position in the folds of the buttocks, making the irritation and pressure occurs when sitting, then there boils called “pilonidal cyst.

Once you know the cause of ulcers and type of its kind, it is to know next is how to deal with boils on the body. You can cope with boils on the body by:

• Now we know that you already have the symptoms of boils, then the first step is to treat it with a cloth to prepare hot water and kompreskan given to areas with the symptoms of boils. This is done so that the blood circulation to a
compressed increasing.

• The next treatment is with antibiotic ointments or creams

• If the abscess does not go away and even more mature, with a characteristic white have a peak, then the thing to do is pull out nanahnya memencetnya way, to get out things called “eyes” of these ulcers.

If you develop into ulcers ulcers solid, have no eyes and felt more pain, then do not ever rub to remove nanahnya, because this type of ulcer is not going to remove the pus.

• If you include people who often suffer from boils, then how to deal with boils on the body is to find out what the main cause, such as the presence of other diseases such as diabetes, lowered immunity, etc. That is the explanation of the ulcer, symptoms, causes and how to cope with boils on the body. Hopefully useful.