Paris – boats, rivers, Love And Glory Rolled In One

Paris is one of the best tourist destination in the world ranking. The beauty of the capital of France lives when they discover a ship. There are many ways to explore the fascinating city with a river tour.
Flows through the city and offers exciting cruise. On this river, Paris, Kahn and boats can be seen more quickly. The landscape adds even more charm to the already romantic setting of the place. His is one of the largest rivers of France. For tourists on board a ship or barge, Paris by night like a scene from a movie.
The river is very popular with tourists because it has an excellent location and offers them a chance to pass through many historical monuments and iconic as they cruise along its banks. Various places on the banks of the Seine Melun, Mantes, Corbeil, Rouen, Troyes, tourists, etc. can choose to extend their tour and go on a cruise of several days to the various sites to see more detail and enjoy French cuisine on board. For those pressed for time, Parisian boats also offer short trips 1 hour. Basically, there are many choices for cruises to the needs of visitors.
If you take a day cruise to many, you probably started in the fishing village called Andelys. You can then Vernon, a city with great sights to see are driven. Famous painter Monet was a resident of this city for lovers of art, his paintings at the Museum of the City will be a feast for the eyes. If you are interested, you can also Monet once living room, which is very well maintained. The City of Vernon, you will then go to Mantes, famous for its cathedral Notre-Dame.
There are many other places to Mantes Our Lady also. Mantes was once the center of the construction of musical instruments, woodwind and brass. Therefore, one of the attractions of the production plant timber ‘. Mantes, tourists tend to Poissy and Conflans St Honorine, where the museum navigation and local market are the places you want to visit, most people assumed. After exploring the city, you can then click and Impresionistes Island Maison Fournaise and finally Melun and St. Mamm├Ęs head. Various attractions at these places, clubs, churches, etc.
In Paris, boat tours, boat and barge provides the famous French hospitality. They are treated with a sumptuous French cuisine and a taste of wines and spirits. Parisians are wine lovers and the city offers the best wines in the world. Your cruise also offers a gala final, probably in the night.
You will find a great Paris experience. If you do this, visit the city, and you must, if you’ve n, Paris boats and enjoy the river cruise. You will never forget the beauty of it.